Update and Quick Quips


I must first apologise for my absence – I have been working on a number of university assignments the last few weeks, and I still have a couple of exams coming up soon. While I posted more frequently than I anticipated before, I have lapsed recently. There are a number of articles I have planned in that time, and although some may be ‘late’, some of them are still worth bringing attention to.

In the meantime, before I begin posting more often, here are some quick observations in no particular order of seriousness or chronology.

  • Khashoggi’s death is indeed a matter of grave concern…
  • Explosives sent to Democrats and yet two more deadly shootings (here and here) are the result of Trump’s horrific rhetoric, inciting violence in American communities.
  • Pauline Hanson did something that no one liked again. Must’ve been a slow news week.
  • Why does no one I talk to know anything about Timor-Leste? Enjoy.
  • Yemen? What’s that?
  • Did anyone else see the WikiLeaks tie that Julian Assange’s cat was wearing? Absolutely adorable.
  • The more animals we kill the quicker we can make the cash.
  • It appears that the New York Times doesn’t pick up on the irony of quoting someone on the lack of reporting on Yemen while they give piss weak condemnation of America’s involvement in the war themselves.
  • I don’t chug milk – does that make me ‘less superior’? What is this headline, haha?
  • A migrant caravan makes its way towards the US from Central America. Trump responds with another attack on Muslims and by deploying over 5000 troops within his own borders. They’re not even that close, it’ll be a while before they arrive.
  • Can anyone think of why these people are fleeing? Any at all? It can’t be that hard, surely? No? Alright then, move along.
  • Hey, Bolsonaro stole the idea from Hitler!
  • Who else enjoyed the third season of Daredevil? The gem in a saturated market.
  • I feel ashamed for not knowing about the Rwandan Genocide until recently. Humans of New York did a wonderful series from the perspective of the survivors who helped rescue those that were hunted. I intend on reading Gourevitch’s book on the event very soon.
  • Wait, Saudi Arabia sent $100M to the US the day Pompeo arrived to discuss Khashoggi? What the f*ck? Badly timed MBS. No wonder the New York Times shut up quickly.
  • I’m about to wrap up my third year at university and I’m still yet to be indoctrinated into a communist cult. Pretty disappointed, all I’ve really learned so far is that I should tell people to outsource their IT infrastructure to third world countries
  • Even though the Liberals lost Wentworth, they still seem to want to send our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem; Indonesia isn’t too impressed. The Palestinian leadership bodies aren’t making any friends either apparently.
  • Only thing fair dinkum about power in Australia is the chances of a crumbling Coalition in the next election.
  • I know Turnbull absolutely bashed the shit out of the NBN, but selling it to Telstra would be like bathing the wounded network in lemon juice. Not that I have NBN yet anyway,
  • I haven’t watched the Simpsons in years, but if you took all the stereotypes out of the show it wouldn’t exist. Good or bad? I don’t know, you decide.
  • Are we allowed to talk smack about the Royals now that they have left?
  • It confuses me how certain groups can be both anti-Semitic AND vehement supporters of Israel. Maybe because they hate Arabs more…
  • For a ‘liberal sweetheart’, Macron appears to have no problem with crimes against humanity.
  • I’ve reached my limit of free New York Times’ articles. Part of me says subscribe, but then the decent part of me says they’re not worth the weekly cost, however small.

Some of these I intend to write about properly, and hope to do so over the next couple of weeks. Again, I apologise for the lack of posting – stay tuned for more!

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