George Soros’ Connection to the Refugee Caravan


I know what you’re thinking. Oh dear, a conspiracy theory about that dangerous old banker Soros and his evil ties to everything ‘anti-American’ (read as ‘opposed to white supremacy and misinformation’). No, this isn’t going to be some far-fetched new world order stuff; it’ll be a justified correlation between Soros’ interests and the events in Honduras in 2009. This piece is more about Obama than Soros.

Many look at Obama and see him as the polar opposite to his predecessor, Bush Jr., and certainly as a saint compared to the antics of the current US’ administration. But any serious probing into America’s foreign policy under Obama reveals that he did very little to pull back on the wars that Bush and others had committed to. One almost unknown occasion is the US backed coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Honduras, in Central America. The country that a majority of these refugees hail from is currently under a dictatorship installed by Obama and, in 2017’s rigged and violent elections, reinforced under Trump.

So how is Soros connected to this? Simply by being a major donor to the Democrats in the 2008 election and since. He backed the party that set in motion the events that led to the refugee caravan seeking entrance to the US. That’s it. He has no direct connection to the caravan at all. As Jeffrey St. Clair commented, if Soros was financially supporting the caravan’s movements to safety “it would be one of the most humane things he’s ever done”.

So when people say Soros is the mastermind behind some dark ideology, they’re wrong. But he was behind the government that toppled Honduras.

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