Gladys Won’t Listen


Another person has died at a festival due to an unknown substance in a pill taken in attendance. Another death that could have been prevented with measures like pill testing or a similar program that would treat drug use as a health concern rather than a criminal issue. But, blind to the evidence before them, the NSW State Government refuses to act.

When the Opera House was irresponsibly used as a billboard for horse racing and gambling, Gladys’ government immediately intervened to allow it after Alan Jones ranted about how it should be allowed. The public backlash was clearly not in support of the move, yet those in charge of the building were overruled – one of many cases for ending political donations from damaging industries. All it took was a small outrage and a radio host to convince the government to change its stance to one the wider public disapproved of.

Now, for over a month since a serious debate over an actual issue of substance, that same government is opting to ignore not only the public’s demands, but those of countless medical professionals. The evidence is in favour of introducing pill testing and other measures, not only here but globally as well. Despite this, they repeat the tired old slogans of “just don’t do drugs”. Prohibition does not stop drug use and only criminalises an issue that needs real attention, not a temporary and (in some cases) worsening solution.

Given the Federal government’s incompetence it does not come as a surprise that their State party is just as ignorant and backwards. Even so, no matter how many times it happens, it’s always devastating to hear of another death, another tragedy that has a cheap and easy solution that they either plainly ignore or vehemently oppose in defiance of professionals. These people are elected and paid to run this country as the population demands. The current governments of NSW and the country do not align with those expectations and must be voted out.


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