Quick Quips: Bus to Where? The Front Fell Off


Bill Shorten is trying to one up Scott Morrison after the Prime Minister failed to stay with his bus through Queensland a while back. After Pauline’s battler bus, Scott Morrison’s shadow bus, and Bill’s publicity bus, who is steering the country away from that cliff over there?

  • I have seen a number of comments recently about the idea of reinstating the death penalty here. Even if you totally disregard the fact that people have been actively trying to eradicate such punishments for decades, the people advocating for its return are in a rather contradictory state of mind. The people I have seen support it online are the sort of people to decry state power interfering in our daily lives, yet publically call to give that same state the additional power of sanctioned murder. Talk about the potential for a slippery slope there.
  • I’m reading Viva La Revolucion, a collation of writing by Eric Hobsbawm over 40 years about Latin America. In the introduction by Leslie Bethell, he mentions Hobsbawm was impressed by the rise of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the worker driven party he led. This book came out in 2016, a few years after Hobsbawm passed away. I bet if he saw what was happening in Brazil today he would be quite disappointed about the shift.
  • The US Supreme Court has put Trump’s restrictions on transgender people joining the military in place for the time being. Think what you will of the issue, but seeing as Trump dodged the draft himself, gaining the nickname “bone spurs”, it seems rather odd that he gets to decide who is and is not allowed to join.
  • Alongside the announcement that local Councils will be forced to hold events on the 26th of January next year, Scott Morrison is throwing cash at a replica of the Endeavour. If it turns out anything like his government, it’ll sink before reaching its destination. Their favourite phrase: “stop the boat!”
  • If you cut Trump in half – one part failed businessman, one part populist bigot and equal parts moronic – you get Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson respectively. Palmer running for election is a greater ‘meme’ than all the memes he posts – just look at the unsolicited text messages decrying the major parties’ use of unsolicited text messages.
  • Cate Faehrmann, an MP in the Greens NSW branch, admitted a few days ago that she has, in the past, taken MDMA. She revealed this in a plea for measures like pill testing to take place, calling out the “just say no” message as worthless. As counter-intuitive as it seems on face value, I would rather trust the opinion of someone who understands the effects of drugs by having taken them and been in a position where such choices were made than the people who wage a war on drugs that does nothing to prevent drug use.
  • In other life-saving methods news, America still has trouble trying to be a decent country regarding refugees.
  • It’s fun when the Coalition tries to bring diversity into their ranks. Whether it’s women or Indigenous people, the chosen representatives of these groups are still always shitty people. On the other side, here seems to be a pretty decent Independent running against Abbott – irony abounds when an Indigenous woman rise to take down the Indigenous Envoy.
  • If you start an argument with “I’m usually left leaning but…” and then proceed to talk shit, stop pretending you know what ‘left’ and ‘right’ is and that you were ever on any side. Don’t base arguments on your opinion or whichever side takes what stance, base them of facts.
  • One of the greatest struggles of Bookfest this time around was the fact that were two series (one fiction, one nonfiction) that I wanted to get but had missing parts. To go again to or to concede defeat this time and try again in June/July?
  • My local Federal MP (as the few regular readers would know, Laming) has an absurd obsession with my local State MP, from the opposing major party. His most recent post tried to claim that Get Up! was a Labor funded and backed organisation that is trying to place blame for hospital funding cuts on the LNP rather than the ALP State government. As a member of Get Up!, I am not aware of any party affiliation whatsoever – except in support of Independents occasionally – and it is fully member owned and funded. As for the funding cuts, Laming says the Federal government has poured millions into healthcare. While hiding the fact that the $39 million being cut is across multiple sites, not just the Redlands Hospital as he repeatedly states, he also seems reluctant to say how much of this Federal “funding” goes instead to private healthcare instead of the public system. My bet is, same as the Coalition’s education policy, most of it ends up going private, leaving the public system begging.
  • I have noticed that my most ‘successful’ posts (quotations used because here it means over 5 views) are related to books. Many more where that came from – just need the time to read them all!

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