Shopping In the Nude Section + Reddit Link


Similar clickbait headlines were seen in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago as our better-at-most-things neighbours had one of their supermarket chains, New World, introduced “nude shopping”, a great marketing tactic. Thankfully, they aren’t committing any workplace health and safety violations, because it is the food that is nude.

Plastic packaging of foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, has been at the centre of a campaign by environmental activists for quite some time. Here in Australia the call to introduce reusable plastic bags and abandon plastic straws has hit a surprising amount of resistance, and so progress to remove unnecessary packaging for foodstuffs that do not need any packaging has been rather slow. Having it being implemented in New Zealand, however, appears to have increased not only the sales of the foods but the nutritional value of them (this is due to the misting they do, explained in the above article).

Greenpeace has backed this campaign and praised the supermarkets taking part in the abolition of plastic waste, which they report time and time again usually ends up in landfill or waterways, generally being a destructive nuisance to the environment we rely on to survive. HERE is a link to sign to tell Woolworths and Coles, here in Australia, to reconsider the produce they receive and to urge companies to do away with plastic packaging.

As a small aside, today saw a small spike in visitors to my little site as someone shared my “Invasion Day” Protests Across the Country on a Reddit page – coincidentally, it happened to be a sub-Reddit about anarchism. It was only a small comment in response to a question, so not many would have seen it, but to see any post of mine spread about is gratifying. I don’t plan on branching out from Facebook as my only social media platform, but if anyone wants to share links to any of the things I post maybe the site can grow its audience – so long as it is not distributed for nefarious purposes! Whatever they may be.


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