My Venezuela Prediction in Motion


I had a Facebook memory this morning about a post I made regarding Venezuela. On this day last year, I predicted that there would either be an internal coup or a US backed military intervention in the next one to two years. All that was missing was a ‘justifiable’ motive. Almost like clockwork, there was an internal coup attempt in January that has now been followed by aggressive ‘aid’ spearheaded by the US, with Elliott Abrams at the helm. It’s only a waiting game now.

The UN and Red Cross have both denounced the increased hostility on the Venezuelan border and the US’ role in sparking conflict and have refused to become involved. The UN did not follow suit with the US’ recognition of Guaido as the proper leader of the country, but instead backed Maduro’s electoral victory. Two competing resolutions in the UNSC were not passed.

The US’ proposition, which included calls for fresh elections and allowing direct access for humanitarian aid, received the required 9 votes but was vetoed in a joint effort by Russia and China. Russia’s counterproposal, reaffirming the UN’s stance of peaceful negotiation and adhering to Maduro’s government on the issue of aid, only received 4 votes. Both resolutions may have had merit if not for the fact they were put forward by aggressive superpowers. One could write a list of all the issues with the UN, and having five permanent members on the Security Council with the ability to veto is merely a part of that.

Images of people bearing the Red Cross symbol along the Brazilian and Colombian borders with Venezuela were met with criticism by the organisation. They remained neutral on the politics but condemned them for not being authorised to do so as they were not affiliated with Red Cross themselves. The perception of this, however, may convince some they are taking sides.

As always, there is no right and wrong, just simply wrong and wrong masquerading as right, and all at varying degrees depending on which ‘side’ you happen to be on. Whether there is a military intervention or just an increase in hostilities as peaceful measures take place, the only people who will suffer are the Venezuelans. As always, the mainstream media will stand defiantly but subtly on the side of imperialism, and readers will be none the wiser of the effects of US hegemony.


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