Too Late, Turnbull


Our late Prime Minister, dear old spineless Malcolm, must have recently had one surgically inserted, because he’s now standing up for things he apparently believes in. It is just a damn shame he buckled on almost everything while actually in a position to act on these sudden convictions, and then still managed to lose in a leadership spill to Morrison.

The Coalition has a woman problem. Great insight, Turnbull, what gave that away ten years after you were opposition leader the first time? Was it the distinct lack of women in the party? Barnaby’s affair with a member of his staff that he proceeded to use as a publicity campaign for himself? Tony Abbott making himself Minister for Women, a move only equalled in idiocy by his appointment as Indigenous Envoy? Accusations of harassment and bullying of female members of Parliament, the vast majority coming from the Coalition? Or the Young Liberals (and Andrew Broad) being caught up in scandals with women on social media and private messages? What about Morrison’s swipe at women progressing at the expense of men on International Women’s Day? But no, only this week has the Coalition had a woman problem, could not possibly have occurred while he was in government.

Renewable energy sources are cheaper and much healthier for the planet than fossil fuels. That is why Turnbull led a party that was heavily funded by the fossil fuel industry, canned the carbon tax put in place by Gillard, subsidised coal instead of solar and wind… His convenient change of heart on the issue of climate change couldn’t have taken place while he was still leading that party? He really had a chance to prove that the Coalition wasn’t so beholden to the fist four letters of their name and maybe be not as regressive as they were on environmental policy. Again, no, it is only in the months since he was backstabbed that renewables seemed to be promising enough to endorse.

This is the problem with so called ‘moderate’ Coalition members. Some of them are what you could call decent people, even if you disagree with a fair number of their policies, but instead of representing their electorates, let alone their own ideas, they adhere to an increasingly backward party line. Turnbull saying he could have won the 2019 election is a statement fuelled by pure narcissism, no doubt about it, but if he was actually as ‘moderate’ as he would have us believe then he quite possibly could have.

Attacking his former party from a distance can only have one goal, and that is to improve his image in the media and lash out at those who tore him down. It isn’t that what he is saying is wrong exactly, but the timing and circumstances of it all shows a total lack of genuineness to his character. It is like those MPs that voted against the RC into the financial sector, or dragged out the plebiscite vote on same sex marriage, but then, when it finally happened they all jumped on the bandwagon saying how ‘with it’ they are, when really they’re just a bunch of corrupt tossers.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to go back to what he was doing as Prime Minister – shutting up and letting people with conviction take the reins to dislodge the Coalition.


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