The US Hasn’t Really Changed


When I say that that US has not changed, what I am referring to is their international dealings and foreign policies. For sure, there are small but relatively substantial differences between the Republican Party and the Democrats within America itself, but outside America who cares. To paraphrase Noam Chomsky, the Democrats have shifted to become the Republicans of the late 1900’s, and the Republicans themselves are no longer a political party so much as they are the most dangerous organisation in human history.

The above claim by Chomsky is in reference to climate change. It is his belief, which I entirely agree with, that the Republican Party is dedicated to the destruction of organised human life as we know it. You list any number of brutal leaders, including Hitler, as horrific as he was, and even they were not so absorbed by a desire to kill the planet. Signs of manmade climate change have been around since 1954, and while some governments and parties have at least given token advances towards abolishing fossil fuels, the US, and many of its allies, have been expanding its violation of our planet.

It is this expansion of resources and hegemony that leads to the second aspect of US policy that is the same across both major parties – foreign policy. If you listen to the mainstream US media, quite often the Democrats are portrayed as heroes fighting an insane evil somewhere in the world. Even the Republicans are portrayed in this way, until they are caught out for atrocities and condemned – never punished – for it. In this way, the Democrats are far worse because while they commit the same, or arguably worse, atrocities than their Republican counterparts, they are sacrosanct – they are not allowed to be condemned.

I challenge you to find an American Democrat supporter that will accept a bad word said about Obama. And those who will agree Obama did wrong will become wildly defensive anyway, because Trump is worse. The hypocrisy is rather startling, especially when a conversation suddenly turns aggressive. While not all foreign policies are the same – the Republicans are a lot more hawkish regarding Russia and Iran – a fair majority are bipartisan. Peace on the Korean Peninsula, for example, is being prevented solely by the US. Republicans and Democrats alike are stringent enemies of the North Korean regime, parroting the same old story of NK aggression. It’s reveals their ignorant contradictions when they do not see how their own government’s actions are much more provocative and dangerous.

The US’ alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabia is also entirely based on the acquisition of resources. Israel has the added bonus of being an ideological haven for despots committing crimes against Palestinians, but that is merely a dangerous pretext. What is important, but rarely talked about, is the US’ energy companies’ interests in the Golan Heights, off the coast of Gaza/Israel/Lebanon, etc. The is what drives US foreign policy, especially in Israel and Syria. It may generally have to do with attitudes towards Israel’s apartheid being less generous, but Trump’s illegal concessions of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to Israel have been rightfully questioned in the US.

But I’m not entirely convinced of that. This shift in attitude, I believe, is due to the fact it is Trump carrying out these concessions. When Bush and Obama openly supported Israel through the numerous invasions and abuses from 2000 to 2016, the “international community” (read the US) was silent – Hamas and the Gazan people brought it upon themselves. How dare the Arabs desire autonomy and some form of self-determination at the expense of Israeli colonial expansion.

There are countless examples across the globe, in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Asia – the countries ravaged by US freedom and democracy are too numerous to list. But it is disheartening that so many, in their (rightful, don’t get me wrong) hatred of Trump, are dismayed at America’s recent actions, but are quite forgiving of his predecessors. In response to the US blocking ICC prosecutors from entering the US, these are two comments I saw:

“Morally bankrupt doesn’t even begin to cover the current US administration.”

“So US is above the international law now?”

Some corrections I would make to the above quotes. Morally bankrupt does not begin to describe the US’ actions for a good 75 years now – it is not limited to Trumps exploits. And the US has been above International Law for just as long, starting with using the UN to justify their brutal takeover of Korea after replacing the Japanese. Michael Pembroke described that in the title of his 2018 book, Korea: Where the American Century Began.

By all means, condemn Trump. The vile man deserves every criticism he gets, and his administration is the most damning the US has seen. But for those who then look back and wish for Obama to return, or god forbid those missing Bush, get a grip. The US has been a rogue state for decades, and the only reason it is not described as such is because the propaganda machine has been chugging along at full speed alongside it. Only in this Orwellian world is the deadliest terrorist state in the world called “the leader of the free world”.

The US needs a massive, fundamental change in how it runs, and sadly I cannot visualise that taking place any time soon.


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