Poster PM


If there is one thing Scott Morrison can be given credit for, it is his enthusiastic approach to his trashy campaign rhetoric. The man sounds like a used car salesman trying to sell the second worst vehicle in the country by saying “well at least it isn’t the worst vehicle”. Watching him give speeches and pitch “policies” has become a rather tedious exercise.

“PM most like a stock image photo” – this is one description of Morrison I saw earlier today. While I refrain from stepping towards ‘insult journalism’ when it comes to appearance on this site, admittedly this made me chuckle. He really is just a placeholder leader, someone to hold the reins until someone more qualified or preferred swoops in.

Given that his party has no real policies, other than tax cuts for the rich paid for by cuts to public services and killing our environment, it comes as no surprise that they have turned to a public relations tycoon to lead them into an election. Morrison was previously head of Tourism Australia, so he must be good at selling things, right? Environmental policy? Sustainable economic management? Education investments? International affairs? Yeah – what the bloody hell are they?

The Coalition have no plan for the future of our nation – at least not beyond the gold-plated halls of their own retirement plans. The Nationals are hardly anywhere to be seen, with much downplaying of the Murray-Darling water buy back scandal unfolding now. My local Federal MP, Laming, has continued to do nothing but attack QLD State Labor – any passing reference to our Federal Labor candidate is done through such posts on social media. Morrison is popping up around the country to deliver vague promises of a ‘better economy’ with so many cherry-picked statistics, one could be forgiven for thinking he was a professional fruit picker.

There is no plan – they just need to win enough votes to scrape over the line in May. And terrifyingly, if the media sides with them (or targets Labor) in the same way they did during the NSW campaign, they might just get there.

Clive Palmer may spend millions splurging on campaigns that earn him hardly 1% of the national vote, but even he has nothing on the spin tactics and deceit used by the Coalition. Today I had someone ask, in shock, why I preferred the Greens, and the answer is quite simple: out of all the parties we currently have, they are the only preferable one overall.

Labor over the LNP, for sure, but if ever you spent your vote on a single issue, let it be climate change. Because if we have not curbed our effects on the planet within the next decade or two, it won’t matter which smooth talking salesman is running the country.


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