The Hypocrisy of the Democrats


That US foreign policy is the same no matter which party controls the White House is not controversial to say. Imperialist, very much resource driven, and with the illusion of ideological and moral superiority. From the Republicans, this is no surprise; to paraphrase Noam Chomsky, no other organisation in human history has been so dedicated to the destruction of our species. From the Democrats, however, there’s an extra level of hypocrisy.

When it was first touted in 2016, I was quite sceptical of the claims of Russian interference and collusion. While Mueller’s report has proven interference and seemingly crossed out collusion, the whole investigation was rather unnecessary. Anything the Russians did to influence the election is negligible when compared to the other factors that makes US ‘democracy’ a farcical affair.

Alas, instead of addressing these concerns and putting forward a worthwhile candidate, the US’ so called ‘left’ (even if you believe the left/right labels have any meaning, in the US ‘left’ is a timid and corporate creature) has hounded the Russian story for over two years and flooded the list of 2020 candidates so as to limit any particular candidate making it through. I.e. they are, again, shafting Sanders, with the media (NYT, WaPo, etc.) on side. Joe Biden has been heralded the champion of the people now, according to the Democratic Party. Yes, that’s all the US needs – a dash of normalcy, the same normalcy that spiralled Trump into the White House.

It is bizarre watching Americans online praise Biden while actively slamming Sanders. I suppose to them a corporate hack that isn’t batshit crazy is better than a corporate hack that is batshit crazy, but it leaves the rest of the world baffled. So many things that other nations, including Australia, take for granted are not even up for discussion in the US. Or at least, they are up for discussion, just not in the echelons of the political and corporate elite where policy is decided.

Self-sabotage aside, the Democrats hypocrisy isn’t limited to just rigging their own primaries in subtle ways. On an international level, they decry Russia’s every move (including in the US election); they spark tensions with North Korea to the point of test launches – South Korea reported a missile was launched to the east into the sea this week. All justification form the North lies with the US’ obscene presence in the region.

They scream about having their election mildly frazzled by a bit of Russian input, but jumped in joy as Maduro’s regime faced a coup attempt earlier this week. They eagerly encourage a ‘popular uprising’ in Venezuela, that will ultimately involve US troops on the ground, and perhaps Colombian and Brazilian support. The farcical democracy of the US is sacrosanct and untouchable, but the moment you are deemed an enemy to the interest of corporate America there is a thirst for blood.

The idea of self-determination is cast aside. The US, not the Venezuelan people, know what is best for the oil-rich Latin American state. But the wild part is, many of the Democrats that support this, a bipartisan support that allies them with the dreaded Trump administration, do not know the real reasons for the chaos sown in the region. Maduro is merely a dictator, a ruler of starving masses and a dead economy. Forget Chavez’s revolution that overthrew a previous US backed puppet; forget the sanctions that the US locked Venezuela into, drastically crippling their economy; forget Guaido’s connections with the US, and the possibility of private mercenaries involved in war crimes being sent in.

No – none of that matters. The US is the saviour of the unfortunate, a benevolent superpower committed to democratic ideals. Even if that means overthrowing what was a democratically elected government. Freedom and democracy are only free and democratic when it aligns with the US’ needs.

The world’s deadliest case of “do as we say, not as we do”.


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