US Election Interference


In the UK! Forget Russia’s miniscule impact on the 2016 election in a country that can hardly call itself a democracy in the first place, the US is reversing the imperialist narrative. What was once a world dominated by European, mainly British, interests has now become one of American interests. It has gone full circle, with the US being quite forward about their UK leadership preferences.

Donald Trump, not afraid to speak his mind in any scenario, has openly backed Boris Johnson in his bid for the role of PM. Theresa May’s resignation, which was predictable since the resignation of her predecessor David Cameron, is welcome, but does not come without its own disasters. Boris Johnson taking the top job is certainly on the top of that particular list.

In a rather comedic way, the bid for leader of the Conservative Party seems to be mirroring the Democrats’ tactics in the US – that is, flooding in so many potential candidates that it’s chaotic enough just trying to remember them all. Thankfully, as an outside observer, I don’t really need to know them all, just what outcomes would be preferable. UK – doesn’t matter who will win (predicting Johnson though) because hopefully Labour topples them in the next election. In the US, Sanders, but we all know that won’t happen, and whatever corporate hack gets nominated will be soundly beaten by Trump in 2020.

But will Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, fare well in the next election? Not if the US has anything to say about it. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a recording leaked to the media, has said that the US will “push back” against Labour and Corbyn on grounds of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism. Seeing as the accusations of anti-Semitism Corbyn has been barraged with are rather contrived, you can bet there is more solid reasoning behind the support for a Conservative victory.

A major part of this is Brexit, which Johnson is extremely dedicated to. After a few years of having no clue whatsoever as to how the UK should proceed leaving the EU, the Conservative Party is leaning towards just straight up committing economic and political suicide. The UK will be able to take back sovereignty of their own nation rather than being subject to the EU. The UK will also be able to improve its international trade relations, commanding its own destiny on a global stage. And it will do this by… handing it right over the US.

Smart move. The promise of a good trade deal with the US can only end well for a tiny European nation, right? Otherwise what’s the point of cutting yourself off from the one thing that gave you such good bargaining power in the first place?

Yes, the US government would love nothing more than for the UK to elect Johnson, or, for that matter, any Conservative who will tumble out of the EU blindfolded. EU scepticism is healthy when it’s on the right issues, and when solutions are sought by changing the system rather than simply jumping out of it, but those who want to leave for economic reasons are either rich outside of the UK or victims of propaganda. They appear willing to trade one ‘evil’ for another, however, as Trump and Pompeo aren’t known to be wonderful benefactors.


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