Quick Quips: I’ll Drink to That


“If you voted Greens then get out of the house!” Thankfully, I didn’t get drunk that night, otherwise there may have been quite the political hurricane amid the reserved celebrations of the evening. Head down, amiable but fake smile, avoiding the gaze of my chuckling friend as the older man praised “ol’ Trumpy”. Some whiskey and a nod later, crisis was averted – a friend’s birthday saved. I’ll drink to that.

  • I am making, admittedly, slow progress on the book Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill, but so far, the background of the Prince family and Blackwater (now Academi) has been quite enlightening. The ties between military, religion, and state power in the US creates a dangerous mix, i.e. the Republican Party and their supporters.
  • Bloody hell, Labor has cracked hard. Religious freedom laws that some say will lead to discrimination of the LGBT+ community; backing the Coalition’s tax plan while the economy is tanking; helped pass the surveillance laws last year; QLD Labor ok’d Adani, and Federal Labor has decided to back down on its already weak stance. As I’ve written before, Labor are our inauthentic opposition.
  • As if we needed any more proof that Fairfax’s reputation has fallen, they have this wretched opinion piece talking down the sacred espresso martini.
  • Seems like the US is still involving itself in Libya’s tumultuous affairs? Wonder how US-made, UAE-owned weapons ended up there…
  • A UN statement at the time of writing calls for a full investigation into an attack on the Tajoura Detention Centre, containing hundreds of refugees, most of whom are civilians.
  • Trump made history by walking into North Korea. As possible as it is that this is all for show, seeing as the Vietnam summit was such a shamble, Trump has actually made more ‘progress’ (and more mistakes) regarding North Korea than his predecessors. Which is it, fire and fury, or US pull back of troops and denuclearisation? If it’s the first, get it over with – it’s running late and you’re already courting Iran. If it’s the latter, also get it over with – maybe the Korean Peninsula could make progress if the imperialists left the region.
  • You can bet Morrison would charge into a war with Iran if Trump told him to. Not himself, of course, no, he has a pay rise to attend to, minimum wage workers to extort, and coal to molest – he’s much too busy to participate in insane wars. Best let the common folk fight for him.
  • My friends accused me of being ‘too political’ in a game of Cards Against Humanity. I’m baffled as to how they came to that conclusion…
  • “Because we have and they have not!

    Because they want what we have got!

    The enemy is poverty,

    And the wall keeps out the enemy,

    And we build the wall to keep us free.

    That’s why we build the wall;

    We build the wall to keep us free.”

    – Why We Build the Wall, Hadestown, Anaïs Mitchell

  • “This song is ten years old… Any resemblance of any contemporary political figures to the King of the Underworld is purely coincidental.” – Anaïs Mitchell in 2016.
  • Admittedly, I prefer this cover by Abigail Thorn than the original – it’s much ‘darker’, and gives it renewed meaning with a certain President about.
  • It appears Biden’s political record on race is being given mainstream attention – credit where it is due, it was only recently I mentioned the media’s silence over such things.
  • Plastic bags – or a lack of – are destroying the Australian economy. At least, that is according to The Australian and the numerous copycat drones that hummed the same tune. The ABC’s Paul Barry (Media Watch) exposed that as false, and added that none of the ‘news stories’ mentioned just how many plastic bags had been avoided – well over a billion in landfill alone.

Imagine a drinking game where you took a shot every time something dumb happened in politics. Looks like a tombstone. I’ll drink to that!

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