Quick Quips: To Protest Is Your Right


Nothing that benefitted any oppressed or supressed demographic was gained by doing nothing. Every major movement of the last century or so, from the black rights’ movement to the #MeToo movement, Union actions to revolts against autocratic governments, environmental and anti-war causes – all of these have involved some form of protest.

  • First of all, JOIN YOUR UNION. Not only will it make Scott Morrison and the nearest Liberal/National voter angry, but the laws that have been introduced to crackdown on ‘unlawful action’ are wretched and authoritarian. Hopefully this is one area that Labor won’t bend over and let the Government ram whatever they want through without a fight – surely Labor will oppose anti-Union attacks? Right?
  • I had a university reading that was written by the lecturer (for a politically themed unit) about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution during the Arab Spring. It was alright, but something that intrigued me was his brief comment about the 2014 election after Morsi (now deceased) was deposed. He had said that el-Sisi won the election with about 97% of the vote with no electoral irregularities reported. I refrained from bringing it up in class, but surely someone who appeared to have an interest in Egypt’s politics should have known that the entire election that year was a total sham? It was a military coup, el-Sisi was a dictator from the start – the whole process was an irregularity.
  • China’s ‘warning’ video to the people of Hong Kong should be cause for international uproar. The protests in Hong Kong have been an inspiring move against the influence of mainland China, starting with opposition to the extradition bill introduced earlier this year.
  • Maybe if the refugees coming to our shores had the sense to be rich Chinese gamblers, they wouldn’t have problems with their child’s teeth.

Crown1Summary of Donations reported by Donors – By Party Group – 2017-18 – AECCrown2Summary of Donations reported by Donors – By Party Group – 2017-18 – AECCrown3

Summary of Donations reported by Donors – By Party Group – 2017-18 – AEC

  • Those donations, totalling over $180,000, to both major parties have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that all but 5 MPs voted against a Joint Standing Committee on Crown Casino, and to even suggest that such destruction of our democracy can be so simply bought shows just how dumb you are.
  • Puerto Rico, a victim of vulture capitalists and opportunistic politicians in their own ranks, successfully forced their ‘outgoing’ (according to a CNN headline) Governor to announce his resignation, but the protests haven’t stopped there. Many of the possible replacements have fallen into dissidents’ sights and have already had demands to step down from the crowds. There is quite possibly a real chance for Puerto Ricans to take back control from America and their corrupt government.
  • Over 1000 people have been arrested in Russia after a brutal crackdown on protests in the streets. There were good people on both sides, I’m sure.
  • The French journalist and his colleagues that were arrested and released by QLD Police for filming Adani protests – the trespassing excuse was weak – has rightfully thrown Australia into the international spotlight in a very negative way. “Journalists should know better,” a police officer can be heard saying. Apparently, journalists should know better than to do their job, so all of us writers, big and small, can pack up shop, they got us there.
  • Get bent.
  • Violent clashes in Sudan have caused schools to be shutdown, prompting a response from Amnesty International.

Without protest, without opposition, there is only complacency and control. We can’t just stay back when the world is it stake, or if the government impedes on our rights – that is when the fight really needs to be brought to them. We are incredibly lucky, here in Australia. Let’s not squander that by letting government and private power tear us down.


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