The Totally True List of Reasons for Mass Shootings


We’ve heard from so many public figures and random internet personalities about what they believe the reasons for the hundreds of mass shootings this year alone are. Let’s compile a small, by no means complete, list of 100% legitimate reasons this keeps happening in one country. (I hope the sarcasm is evident here.)

  • Gaming

At the age of about 8 I began playing Warcraft 3, and two years later my family branched out to World of Warcraft. Being immersed in such an exciting and huge universe full of interesting characters, story, and adventure kickstarted many of the traits I possess today. It, along with fantasy books, got me into reading, writing, and history. It also started my spiral into becoming a violent and dangerous killer, as proven by Donald Trump saying so, the only science I need.

This only got worse as I got older, with games like Star Wars Battlefront II (the classic, keep your corporate, microtransaction garbage off my screen, you filthy casual, I’ll show you violence right after the server lag stops glitching me into the floor), Halo, and – oh no – GTA V, a good five years after that game was relevant. Yes, such a violent medium, oozing its awful evil into my mind. So much so that all I’ve done the past few years is… live my life as an absolute pacifist, supporting anti-war messages and abolishing the death penalty entirely, to list a couple mischievous acts.

No, violence in games does not make people violent, as many studies have shown. I would even argue, although I haven’t seen anything specific that proves this, just my observation, that video games do not even desensitise people to violence. Humanity and the news cycle do a pretty damn good job of that on its own.

  • Mental illness

Ok, this one pisses me off too much to even make satirical comments about. Yeah, the people who carry out these atrocities are obviously not right in the head – no ‘normal’ person would do that sort of thing. But to lay that burden on those suffering mental illness in a generalised way is absolutely pathetic and in no way true. Just watch this video, if you want to lose a few braincells, where the guy says the politics is irrelevant, just look at the guys doing the shooting, they don’t look healthy, they should go to the gym and it’s the radical leftists’ fault for pushing this ‘toxic masculinity’ agenda.

About one in five people in Australia (the number is similar in the US) had “a mental or behavioural condition in 2017–18”, a percentage that has been growing for a few years now, attributed to a rise in cases of anxiety and depression (or, perhaps, simply a rise in the number of people who are opening up about it and seeking help). Curious how that statistic is about the same between Australia and the US, but another statistic is vastly different…

  • Those lefty cucks

I distinctly remember Jesus saying, in the Bible, “Thou shalt massacre thy kinsmen, for thou art entitled to devices of immense power, deciding who is to be brought to my Father’s Kingdom before their time.” At least, I think that was the line, in the NRA Revised US Constitution Edition of the 1980’s. (This isn’t a jab at religion, but at people who treat gun rights in a similar fashion).

The death spiral of Western culture, spearheaded by the definitely-not-right-of-centre-corporate-shills Obama and Clinton, has led to a rise in shootings. As racist Thor said in the video linked above, these shooters are being oppressed with all of this immoral talk of toxic masculinity. They always said same-sex marriage and abortion were slippery slopes, and now with over 250 mass shootings this year alone… anyone saying, ‘Western civilisation is in decline’, especially those blaming the expansion of basic human rights as the cause, can go sit in the corner and consider if they actually believe that. If you do, congratulations, you clearly don’t live in reality.

And like the above comment on mental illness, trying to tie gun violence to the progress made in other areas like women’s rights, by claiming it’s having a ‘negative effect on men’ or whatever, is simply pathetic.

As I was explaining to a friend the other day, here in Australia we can only look at America’s violent culture in shock and awe, and most of the world does the same. But given how deeply ingrained such things are over there, it’s understandable why this keeps happening. It has nothing to do with games, mental illness, ‘leftist’ immorality, any other screwed up excuses, or a combination of the lot – America is the only country that experiences these all to frequent tragedies. It is also the only one with such an extreme gun culture, and many politicians who simply will not budge in the fight for human life.

As many have said before, if the slaughter of children did not prompt a change in their gun laws, nothing will. Expect many more mass shootings in the coming days, weeks, months. But don’t expect anything to be done about it.

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