Quick Quips: So Many Loud Voices, Not Enough Sense


I will, if I have time, write an actual piece about it later this week, but I read something earlier today and had one of those realisations where you feel like an idiot for not picking up on it much earlier. Moral of the story: read, read a little more, and don’t forget to read. Another perspective, another idea – it all adds up, and you’ll never know everything. Bask in that ignorance and strive to learn more.

  • I do have a previous piece about ignorance here, if you’re interested in what I mean by that.
  • Imagine if Trump was as anti-Semitic as that dastardly Squad was, I’m sure the Republicans would be outraged… wait…
  • Cardinal Pell had his appeal dismissed this week. Good. And Andrew Bolt needs to fuck right off. (Apologies for the language, no other words for that really).
  • If anti-abortion protesters feel they have the right to protest outside Parliament and abortion clinics, then it should be fine for anti-religious people to protest outside of churches on Sundays.
  • Barnaby Joyce appears to be a leading voice in the anti-abortion campaign. I’m afraid that if you look to him to validate your views, I’d count the number of partners and hotel rooms you have around…
  • Never followed up on the context, but I saw a post of Pauline Hanson having visited Uluru. If she climbs it, she truly does have rocks bigger than Uluru in her head.
  • Having read a lot of Noam Chomsky’s work, and others, about the role of the media and journalists, it’s always fascinated me how people in those media positions can be so inadvertently submissive to power. It’s not until now, at university doing a random elective on political communication, that I realise how this could be the case. ‘Left’ is described only so far as to include liberalism (which is still tied to capitalism, even in its most preferable form), and the idea that journalists take an adversarial and an objective (as possible) stance is given much credence. Doing a whole degree in communication or journalism, particularly if you’ve never read people like Chomsky, probably takes quite a toll.
  • If the Democrats play their cards right, they could elect a Jewish President – but then again, Sanders must be one of those self-hating Jews, so it wouldn’t count for the Republicans.
  • A friend of mine asked me if I thought Trump would win in 2020 – I still have the same prediction. Unless the Democrats do something drastic to reform their party, Trump will undoubtedly run circles around their divided, sorry arses.
  • If people still have trouble believing sexism exists, then the recent attacks against women in power – especially those of colour – by elderly white males should provide some assistance.
  • The IPA has been lobbying the Government for quite some time to cut the minimum wage, saying that doing so will create jobs and all that other good stuff. Still waiting for the penalty rates cuts to do that.
  • Queensland Labor talking down the Adani protestors is further proof that Labor, on all levels of government, has simply caved in to pressure after the election. Every single politician, Coalition or Labor, minor party or Independent, that continues to support fossil fuels in any respect is responsible for the environmental degradation our country and the world as a whole is facing.
  • Don’t forget, however, that the US military is one of the greatest threats, both militarily and in the amount of environmental damage they cause through their own waste and emissions.


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