There’s No Justice, Only Flames


The Amazon burns. The Arctic burns. The icebergs melt. The oceans grow hotter. Species die off. Trump. Bolsonaro. Johnson. Morrison. Ecoterrorism is used to describe acts of violence carried out in support of environmentalist causes, but the real terror comes from above. The real terrorists are those who willingly destroy our world.

The Coalition government has been rigging the numbers on Australia’s emissions for years, and too many in Parliament continue to deny the reality of climate change. The Opposition claims that coal still plays an integral role in our energy mix, and QLD Labor has criticised environmental activists for marching while edging Adani forward.

Denying climate change is no longer an acceptable option (not that it ever was). The right to do so is entirely the responsibility of the individual, but let it be known that those who do are contributing to the destruction of organised human life as we know it. Promoting the continued use of fossil fuels in any capacity makes you complicit in one of the greatest tragedies to befall our species.

How long until the articles declaring animal extinction rates morph into articles declaring regions uninhabitable? The Pacific Island nations are at the mercy of Australia’s bastardry. Jakarta is sinking itself, but by how much will climate change exacerbate that situation? The world struggles dealing with the current outpour of refugees as a result of war; how will it handle the millions of environmental refugees from island and coastal regions?

Just as the West bombs countries and rejects their begging victims, so too, I imagine, will our governments reject those whose homes sink into the ocean. It is the height of privilege to consume at the expense of human lives, and the cost will only continue to rise. Why is this not considered terrorism? A violent political agenda pushing innocents towards hardship and death – I honestly can’t see any other legitimate way to phrase this.

Bolsonaro, a dictator that rose to power after imprisoning the competition, is doing the same in Brazil. His violent deforestation agenda is not only helping destroy the Amazon, but is also endangering the native peoples. Where is the justice for them? Trump in the US tears down the EPA and increases the military budget, two factors that will undoubtedly increase emissions immensely. Where is the justice for the victims of the greatest eco and ideological terrorist nation the world has ever seen?

It is easy for us, we who are not as affected by these tragedies, to become complacent. Humanity deserves it – we did this to ourselves, we only have ourselves to blame. Perhaps we do. But the real victims don’t. The real victims don’t have the luxury of complacency and apathy. They didn’t ask or vote for this. We must call on all levels of government to enact a climate emergency. We must call on them to overhaul current policy and move towards a renewable and sustainable energy supply.

If they refuse to do so, then they damn well earn the title of terrorist. May justice eventually be served accordingly.

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