Sky News Is Deaf to Reality


To say this of any of the Murdoch press seems pretty redundant, seeing as their sole purpose is to spread misinformation and spark divisions between people while corporate money flows behind the scenes. You can’t even call it ‘deaf’, because they can hear it loud and clear, yet ignore it wilfully, either intentionally or out of stupidity. A recent Chris Kenny interview with BCC Councillor Jonathan Sri is a blatant case of this.

Over 10 minutes, Kenny seems intent on only one thing – accusing protestors of going out of their way to disrupt traffic. He clearly does not care about the reasoning behind the protests, the counternarrative that disproves his attacks, or the issues (like climate change or civil liberties) at all. His intention from the start was to portray Sri as just another dumb activist, spreading fear and being a nuisance to those trying to go about their day.

Sri detailed the efforts he went through to try and make the recent protest (for the right to protest) less disruptive, and that the LNP run Brisbane City Council had banned gatherings like that in public spaces. Kenny ignored him. Instead, he repeatedly blasted Sri for not working hard enough to carry out protests elsewhere, seemingly unwilling to acknowledge the BCC’s role as a roadblock to the very goal he desires.

When Sri tried to explain the dire consequences of ignoring climate change, asking the host whether he believed humans had an affect on it, Kenny went on some short, bizarre tangent about belief and fact. He tried to belittle the idea of ‘belief’ in climate change, taking the more mature stance of knowing facts to be true (boy, imagine if Sky News applied that logic to religion? Some of their viewers might protest themselves). It was a tedious, quick jab, however, as Kenny did indeed admit humans had an effect on the climate. Any detour to attack his guest and derail climate change, I guess.

The Amazon and the Arctic being on fire didn’t deter the irked host either. He called the activism merely alarmist in nature, stating that various places on Earth experience fires and that it was natural. He is right – there are natural fires that take place each year, including here in Australia. But it’s the intensity of the fires this year (and the fact that the Amazon fires are exacerbated by State-backed destruction) that concerns activists and scientists alike. 20% of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon, and it’s now burning at a rate we have not seen before. Global ‘leaders’, like our dear Scott Morrison, could not give a shit.

My favourite attempted diversion by Kenny was his smug comeback about politics being rigged in favour of corporations and their preferred candidates. How could dear old Sri be elected if that was the case? Does the fact that he was successfully elected not refute his claims? I know Kenny would probably lose his job if he dared toy with the idea of corporations perhaps having a smidge too much influence, but how far does your head need to be up your own arse or in the sand to reject that truth with a straight face?

Sri won his position through a strong campaign that, in his words, surprised the establishment. It’s the same as how Bernie Sanders grew his campaign in 2016, arguably reshaping US politics much more than Trump could ever dream to. Sri, an elected Councillor, is right there in front of Kenny, telling him that there is corruption and corporate money flowing through the Council. Kenny refuses to even consider the possibility, trying to throw ‘gotcha’ questions and bringing the conversation back to the ‘disruptive’ protestors.

The interview ended with Kenny saying he hopes Sri works with the Council to make protests less inconvenient. Maybe Kenny could open his eyes a little more – he’d be able to see beyond the corporate bias his boss dangles in front of him.


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