Quick Quips: Blood in the Water


  • A species of pig has been proven to use tools for specific tasks related to nesting, said to be the first known case of the animal using tools. Strange – corporate folk and politicians have been using various tools of injustice for years.
  • Bernie Sanders returning to the campaign trail after a heart attack is probably the best depiction of his dedication. The man isn’t perfect, but he knows what he believes in, and wants to see it happen.
  • Whether we continue our current system of wealth redistribution or search for better ways to create fairer distribution, sacrifices will have to be made and profits lost. To even discuss that, however, is to acknowledge our privilege against a backdrop of global poverty and devastation.

  • Betraying the Kurds not only opens the door to yet another resurgence of IS terror groups, but could likely also lead to a potential genocide in one of the more peaceful regions of Syria.
  • I am all for the US getting out of Syria, but like with Iraq, just pulling out or removing troops from a region with little care as to the consequences will not end well. Erdogan will have a field day, and Trump is more than happy to accommodate him.
  • No, seriously, they have accommodation in Turkey – surely this has nothing to do with the removal of US troops at all? I’m also sure that this wouldn’t qualify as a worthy impeachable offense – if only those Kurds had the sense to be sons to rich white fellows connected to the overthrow of a government bordering Russia…
  • My political communications lecture today was about celebrity involvement in politics. My two cents? Celebrities should have nothing to do with political matters, at all. Endorsements mean absolutely nothing – who actually cares enough to be persuaded to vote based on that? Get a life – and given that two celebrity POTUS’, Reagan and Trump, are some of the more blatantly violent leaders, it’s safe to say they have little gift for such a position.

We’ll never get free

Lamb to the slaughter

What you gon’ do

When there’s blood in the water

The price of your greed

Is your son and your daughter

What you gon’ do

When there’s blood in the water

– Blood // Water, grandson.

  • Well, James McGrath sure is a dickhead.
  • And Tim Wilson is a hypocrite looking to gain traction in a nice photo op in Hong Kong. Perhaps he was confused about which side of the protest he arrived on – far enough away from the dangerous State oppression, but too close to pull out his water cannon and join in.
  • Israel isn’t in an ideological battle over religion and secularism – both Likud and Blue and White a racist, militaristic fanatics. Gantz just doesn’t like Netanyahu, and no one wants to acknowledge the large Arab minority that has only grown with the second election. Imagine what a third could do – probably spark a convenient invasion before corruption charges destroy Netanyahu.
  • Taxes subsidising more private interests here in Australia, this time dams being approved with environmental concerns being checked by those with a clear conflict of interest. That’s normal.
  • Cutting the welfare of people (obviously those on welfare, that is) who participate in protests is barbaric. As a student, if I were to join an Extinction Rebellion protest, would I lose my Centrelink? I’m lucky – I don’t earn much from Centrelink and live at home with my family. Others, especially those on Newstart, disability payments, or who live alone/independent will now be punished and severely affected for exercising their democratic rights to protest and free speech.
  • The news of Clive Palmer suing Jordan Shanks (YouTube satirist and commentator) sounds rather funny, and it is – but it also holds a dangerous precedent behind it. This is an entertainer being smacked with a defamation lawsuit by a businessman and failed politician for simply stating facts. If this somehow does actually go in Palmer’s favour, what’s to stop other satirists – or even journalists – being silenced under threat of a lawsuit? Those with money and power would have legal precedent to crush critics at will. This is unlikely to succeed, but the mere fact that it is a possibility is concerning.

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