The Wrong Circles


With the US being the greatest sponsor of global terrorism, saying that you are friends with a current or former POTUS is one way to say you’re fine hanging out with war criminals. Ellen DeGeneres has not only called Bush a friend, but defended that stance. Well, Dory did have short-term memory loss, I suppose.

Ellen DeGeneres has rightfully received a lot of criticism for her apparent friendship with George W. Bush for a number of reasons, including from LGBT+ groups who called out Bush’s record when it came to their cause. It was only yesterday I wrote briefly that celebrities should have absolutely no role in political matters, and this little controversy DeGeneres has gotten herself into is a prime example of why.

That is not to say that she can’t be friends with Bush, if that’s what she wants, or that celebrities can’t be friends with powerful figures. They better just accept whatever criticism and ire the general public throw their way. But what this really does is highlight some things. Either DeGeneres is completely ignorant of the horrific things that Bush has not been held accountable for, or she knows full well what he has done and is, whether intentionally or not, putting a light, liberal spin on the man all these years later.

Her defence was that she believes people should be friends with everyone, even those with “different views”. Usually, that would be nice advice and would work well when talking about work colleagues or controversial friends and family members. But this isn’t some elderly man down the street – this is a former POTUS responsible for setting off one of the most vicious series of wars in recent history, that continue to this day.

DeGeneres gives an example: even though she is a vegan, she still maintains friendships with people who wear fur clothing. Is she really equating one’s wardrobe choices with the death, injury and displacement of millions? With the toppling of governments and illegal invasions? That is absolutely pathetic – she either clearly has no idea what she is talking about, or is experiencing a heavy case of racist historical amnesia.

This is the problem with ‘liberal’ elites. Obama, in an effort to ‘move forward’ gave a free pass to war criminals and capitalist vultures, then proceeded to continue and spark new wars and deepen economic inequality in the US and the world, all with a Nobel Peace Prize sized curtain over his actions. Then people like DeGeneres, knowingly or not, downplay war crimes by being cosy with the perpetrators, making them seem more amiable.

It is easy for her as a rich white person to fall back on the excuse of “different views”. Try and convince those slaughtered and left behind in the Middle East of that, the civilians who were collateral murder in the US’ war of terror on terror. Try and tell them that the wretches like Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld simply had “different views” and that we should all just be friends.

No, these people want and need justice, damnit. So be friends with as many war criminals as you desire, if that is the circle of friends you want to be associated with. But don’t you dare try and defend that and get offended when people call you out for it. Alternatively, cut ties with them and condemn their actions – that may make you seem like less of an apologist.

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