Looking Back on 2019


At the start of 2019, I set out with the rather insane goal of writing a post a day. This quickly turned into a post a day on average, i.e. 365 posts. In hindsight, that seems incredibly unrealistic, especially when you consider how much other stuff I had to focus on throughout the year. While I’m disappointed to the extent that 365 posts would have been amazing, I’m still impressed with how much I was able to get done.

In the end, I reached 292 posts with a total of 259,971 words, with an average of 890 words per post. While I didn’t write a post a day, that did still average out to 712 words per day (obviously spread out). Is that a lot? I’m sure many friends and family will say so, but I can’t help but feel I let myself down on a number of occasions. Days or even a week or more at a time went by without a post, or only one, seemingly missed opportunities to write more if only I had the motivation or drive to commit to it.

But perhaps that is harsh. I completed my final year of university, finally finishing a double degree that I realise probably wasn’t the smartest choice – again, hindsight is a wonderful and damning process – but is still a worthy achievement I suppose. One top of that, either indirectly related to university or through personal reading, learned a lot about various topics beyond what my courses taught. Even on days no writing, or even reading, was done, the mind is never silent, always thinking, realising, connecting.

If you can’t look back at the you from last month, last week, or even yesterday and think “god I was an idiot”, then I would hesitantly argue you are not learning enough. While my core ideas and values have always remained the same, new facts and views have constantly shifted the ways I approach certain topics, and there are a number of occasions where I have backtracked on things I had previously thought or written.

I can’t backtrack and change what I have done, like what I chose to study at university, but I don’t entirely regret it, and have opportunities to jump into other fields – opportunities I am extremely lucky to have should I take them. And so for 2020, I really have no expectations for because I haven’t planned anything. Growing this site, as much as it is with its tiny audience and relatively negligible influence, is one thing, but beyond that I’ve just thrown myself at a few things and have been looking at further study in areas a little more attuned to my interests than following in the footsteps of others.

2019 for me was better than the previous two years combined, and while I don’t have 2020 vision (yes, I am using the damn awful joke as much as I please this year), I’m curious to see where I may end up. As the great series Bojack Horseman solemnly but importantly shows, you may reach a goal and celebrate, but then there is the day after that. And then the day after the day after that.

I’m just here for the ride.


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