Trump Is A Genius


The biggest genius! He has the best genes, well documented. Some great thinking done by the greatest President!

Seriously, though, regardless of Donald Trump’s actual mental capacity and capabilities, or how you perceive them to be, there are certain aspects of his reign that are so dangerous it would be foolish to not take them seriously. Intentional or not, there is method in the madness.

Almost daily, Trump says or tweets something that drips with lunacy or falsehood. Just as often he will say something that, directly or implicitly, contradicts a previous statement. Proof of a compulsive liar? Absolutely. Proof of a confused man out of his depth? Who knows what this poster child of American exceptionalism actually thinks or believes at any given moment. But there was a striking observation I saw the other day (I forget where from, sorry) that is worth looking at, a pattern that utilises his floundering positions.

As with a lot of things, I find myself feeling rather dumbfounded and stupid that I hadn’t picked up on such an obvious (once heard) concept. We all know that there is a cycle from Trump to Fox News and back again, where no matter how outrageous the claim or contradictory the information, the echo chamber will believe it. That in itself is a dangerous loop, and even if it arises from a place of ignorance, the manipulation of the audience is very real and has real world effects.

What makes it even more brilliant and alarming is what’s done with these snippets of what is called madness at the time. Just focussing on COVID-19, if you look back, there will be numerous clips of Trump and various Murdoch puppets all throughout the year with different information and views. It’s a hoax; it’s a Chinese conspiracy or weapon; people aren’t dying; the numbers are exaggerated; it’s safe; these Antifa terrorists are stupid for rioting during a pandemic; okay, it’s real, but let’s enjoy going outside.

On and on it goes, a train that was long derailed but decided to keep going for the cliff because they forgot to install brakes, windows, or a functioning mechanism to steer the bloody thing.

But the genius of it shines through the longer it rushes forwards over time. Trump and Fox have a library of clips saying pretty much everything about the coronavirus, much of it false, but some of it true. As a result, no matter where the train ends up, there will always be some content to dig back up to prove that Trump was right all along, that he knew exactly what was happening, maybe even before anyone else. Genius! Right? Never mind the locked and dusty chest of evidence that refutes the recycled soundbites, they don’t fit the narrative that has been set out for them this particular day.

Trump can never be wrong now because he was right once in the past, and look, they have proof, alright? If you try to attack him or call out this contradiction, you’re just a Trump hating liberal paid for by the globalists – ah, I just got my Soros funding, nice!

Again, is this tactic born from genuine ignorance on the President’s behalf and his media handlers (who may or may not be just as ignorant?) or is it purposeful and strategic, a masterful deceit that keeps them chugging along with their spongy base? The truth or your thoughts on the matter are irrelevant – we must assume the latter. Donald Trump must be tackled as if he were the genius he claims he is, because dismissing it as anything else trivialises the consequences. Oh, there he goes again, running his mouth about this or that tragedy, how moronic – no, it’s terrifying.

The Presidential ramblings serve a key purpose in the propaganda machine of the current White House, just like the charming charisma of Obama sugar coated the atrocities of his Administration (it is fun watching people reminisce about Obama, because while he certainly would not have let the domestic situation get so out of hand, his fans are all too eager to forgive his international escapades and the fact his continuation of the corporate kowtowing built the stage for the Trumps of the world).

Donald Trump is a genius. Not because of any intellectual prowess he may or may not possess, but because his actions are too dangerous to perceive differently, and because it will take a lot of work to counter the damage that has been done. We – even us on the international stage – cannot afford to do otherwise.


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