Why I’d Vote for Biden

An anarchist, voting? Oh no, that’s not allowed, that… that’s the other kind of anarchy! Let alone for Biden! Well, let it be some consolation that I cannot vote in the US election because I have the fortune of being born elsewhere in the world and vote there instead. But I do not view the act of voting in a capitalist electoral system as entirely contradictory to the anarchist belief of abolishing authority, even that of the State itself. Let me explain, because this is a piece for the “left”.

America is doomed. It’s just for sure absolutely fucked, there is no way to sugar coat that reality. The cracks of the Empire are unleashing and, for good or (more likely) ill, the post-Trump world will be changed forever. This is the culmination of over 70 years of global dominance on a military and economic battlefield, given a boost by the “fall of communism” (which never existed), as market fundamentalism, pushed by the likes of Milton Friedman, spread relatively unopposed.

Now the behemoth is faltering and turning in on itself, and China (an autocratic State-capitalist society) appears to be the next hegemon in line despite its own rather unstable system. This is the result of both Republican and Democrat tenures turning the party “duopoly” into a corporate playground, where both “sides” of the political spectrum are beholden to masters beyond the oversight of the population. Trump is a creation of this system, and he is now the catalyst of tearing it down – again, for good or ill.

The United States appears to be on the cusp of either crashing into fascistic rule under the Trump commandeered Republican Party or a, rather optimistic and fanciful, push to convince people of a socialist alternative (or at least in that direction). With the nomination of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a dawdling racist who backed the Iraq War and helped bring in the Patriot Act, and his token VP choice who has ironically done a lot to damage the standing of black people and minorities in the legal/prison system, the socialist route is not happening any time soon.

But Biden is not fascist. I haven’t watched the two conventions, but from the analysis and clips I have seen, it is very clear that this narrative of accusing both major parties as “being the same” is completely unhinged.

The Democrats offer empty platitudes, a corporate hack and a black DA following mass protests over systemic racism and police brutality. They shafted Bernie Sanders, a legitimate alternative, twice, first through a media blackout and rigging their party’s system against him, and this year by flooding the candidates list with worthless fools and “progressive” sell outs who split the vote and then ran behind Biden when the time came. They promised much in the campaign so far, and yet are already slowly taking steps to remove themselves from the more popular policies like Medicare for All.

And yet, because of Bernie Sanders’ relentless voice since 2015, because of the wave of popular support of “left-leaning” ideas and the election of the “Squad” members – who have only grown more popular in recent re=elections – it is the most “progressive” Democrat platform in the country’s history. That’s pretty damn sad, but it’s true. The soul of the Party is resistant, but the hearts of the people are shifting.

On the other side, you essentially have a cult. A reckless death cult that has swept up a scary proportion of the population with their rhetoric, voting in the party that is quickening their demise as an act of near worship of their great leader, Trump. Eerie and frightening speeches ring out. The contradictions and lies somehow become more prominent and shocking, highlighting the glory of Trump’s first term whilst point at the real result and naming the Marxist Democrats the true enemy.

Trump has no plan, no vision for the country. His dot-point plan on his website is insane, impossible, or too vague to be feasible in any context, and at times is openly racist. His administration has been riddled with self-serving corruption, blatantly serving his own interests, and all of his appointees to various roles are also embroiled in interests that want to tear apart the government sectors they’re in charge of. International relations with all but the more despotic fiends have been sullied, and the environment continues to cry out as we spiral towards an inescapable hellscape brought forth by climate change.

It is fucking terrifying, and you want to apathetically preach that the Democrats, as damningly flawed as they are, are simply the same shit? You, in your happy little socialist fever dream, cannot see the difference on a national and international level between the two parties? I say this as an anarchist who would like to see the end of power and hierarchy, but a revolution ain’t happening, and if you tried, you’d be fucking killed – just like you and the groups you purport to stand for probably would be under a second Trump term, or under a fascist takeover. As Vaush, a (surprise) somewhat controversial anarchist YouTuber, said recently, have fun being the “wokest” body in the mass grave.

Harris had trans prisoners locked up with the wrong gender resulting in deaths? Awful – rip her to shreds over that and demand justice. Good luck demanding justice against the government currently taking away trans rights and denying the existence or moral worth of the LGBT+ community. Healthcare under Biden won’t be anywhere near the required Medicare for All program proposed by Sanders that will aid millions of Americans? Drag the old bastard through the mud and keep Sanders’ legacy alive. Good luck receiving medical care if you’re disappeared or shot by unmarked troops for any disobedience.

The only way you are going to achieve even the simplest of goals, like preserving basic human rights and not having Portland style violence breaking out across the nation, is by removing Trump from office. And as painful as it is, that means voting for Biden and ensuring the Democrats have a chance. Take those few minutes to vote while you still can, if you still can, and actually have your voice matter in what little way it can.

Once the Democrats are in, go wild. Burn Biden’s inadequate platform to the ground, point out the hypocrisies and contradictions of his return to “normalcy”, advocate for a better solution. Just like Sanders did in the wake of Obama’s disappointing presidency, creating a movement that “radicalised” millions of people across the world, but especially in America. There is a real void in politics, the mass of discontents with the system who were begging for a change. Obama didn’t deliver, Sanders had a bright vision, and Trump won with horrifying rhetoric.

It is your job, America, to ensure that when Biden fails – which he will on many fronts – it isn’t the Trump’s of the world who take back the reins, but the people. Let it be the people who create a tidal wave of change in your broken system and change the direction of a falling Empire. This can only take place through a Biden victory, because Trump will shatter what’s left of the façade and hope will be lost in your country. It is a process. A slow and painful process that will not see perfect, or even good, results for many, many years. It is a struggle you have to persist with because socialism won’t just happen overnight, and it certainly won’t happen until the national dialogue and sentiment is brought there.

So, vote Biden, get the wretch in office now out, and then keep fucking struggling.

The world kind of depends on it.

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