Manufactured Shock: The Sydney Morning Herald


So the Coalition won a third term in government in New South Wales in an election that should have been a clear victory for Labor. Now that Berejiklian has retained power, her government has been quick to make drastic changes that will negatively affect both the State and the country as a whole. And the poor old Sydney Morning Herald just doesn’t know why!

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Don’t Take My Word for It! Why I Write


I’ll be the first to admit I have some very strong opinions on certain topics, and when discussing them with people can be rather adamant that what I have to say is right. But I have no illusions whatsoever that people have to, or will, agree with what I have to say. And to that, I say good on them – they do not have to take my word as gospel, nor take the same or similar viewpoints. In fact, I enjoy it when people question me or argue; partly because it’s a guilty pleasure, but mostly because a discussion of ideas is how healthy discourse should work.

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ABC Predicts Coalition Win for NSW Election


Despite all the corruption and scandals that the NSW Coalition parties have been caught out in, ABC’s top election analyst Antony Green has predicted a Coalition win for NSW, leaving Gladys Berejiklian and John Barilaro as Premier and Deputy Premier. No one is calling it straight, however, with everyone being cautious about the numbers. Coalition is now the confirmed winner.

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NSW Election – The Media is Screwing You


Tomorrow, New South Wales has their state election, a battle that is tragically a 50/50 split between the Liberals/Nationals and Labor. I am not a huge fan of Labor entirely, having criticised them at times for their fumbling with Adani, their relative quiet over the asylum seeker debate, and other bits and pieces when they come up. But despite my personal purist stance, which I won’t bother denying, realistically one cannot compare Labor and the Coalition parties and say “they are as bad as each other” honestly. The difference is night and day, and while I maintain my criticisms of Labor are legitimate, can the state of NSW and the country afford another term of Coalition governance?

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Some Things Just Aren’t Political, Like Abortion


There are issues that we face, whether as individuals or as a society, that have common sense solutions. The refugees requiring medical care (i.e. all of them) should have been brought here five years ago. Same sex marriage could have been passed in a day with a vote in Parliament. Climate change is one of two existential threats we as a species face that requires immediate action to combat. All of these things, however, are politicised almost beyond recognition, both by the divisive media and bought out politicians. The hot topic at the moment? Abortion.

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Irony Does Not Compute


Some of you would know from an older piece that my Federal MP is everyone’s favourite “leftie masher” (a popular nickname after he spent a weekend arguing with a meme page on Facebook), Andrew Laming (LNP). His main roles appear to be trash talking Queensland Labor and being a useful distraction, with such incidents as his attack on teachers. He recently posted/tweeted this on social media:

“Each Election, I deal with a @QLDLabor scare campaign tailored specifically for low-IQ voters. What will it be this year?”

Clueless pot, meet kettle.

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Early Election Unlikely but Possible


With the success of what has been called the medivac bill to bring the refugees from Manus and Nauru detention centres on medical grounds (i.e. every person is eligible, according to doctors and human rights groups), fresh calls have arisen to call for an early election, or for a vote of no confidence. With only 7 more sitting days in Parliament (what do we pay these people for anyways?) however, it probably will not happen.

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Quick Quips: First Month


It may just be something that happens as you get older, but even at 20 the time seems to fly by with little regard for what one would like to do with said time. Already we are at the end of January, with the scene set for 2019. Yes, it looks like it’s going to just be another regular year.

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Gladys Won’t Listen


Another person has died at a festival due to an unknown substance in a pill taken in attendance. Another death that could have been prevented with measures like pill testing or a similar program that would treat drug use as a health concern rather than a criminal issue. But, blind to the evidence before them, the NSW State Government refuses to act.

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Drugs Are a Health Issue, Not a Criminal One


Regardless of your take on drugs, whether you think they are the greatest thing in the world or the height of evil, it’s simply reality that there will always be people who use them in one way or another. The current system fails to decrease drug use, and criminalising and punishing those who use them (especially addicts) only further marginalises them. We need to remove the negative stigma surrounding drugs and view them as a health concern and not a criminal issue.

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