Budgets and Promises – Don’t Buy It


The Coalition really missed a chance to release their budget announcement yesterday. It would have been the perfect occasion to reveal just how much of a joke it will be, and perfectly describes the people who over and over buy the same garbage every election cycle – fools.

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Earth Hour? We Need Action, Not Fleeting Goodwill


For an hour each year, to raise awareness about the need for climate action, cities and landmarks around the world opt to go dark, turning off all the lights. While it can be seen as a global act of brief solidarity, the time for raising awareness seems well behind us. This is not a long-term battle; our time to change is limited.

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Don’t Take My Word for It! Why I Write


I’ll be the first to admit I have some very strong opinions on certain topics, and when discussing them with people can be rather adamant that what I have to say is right. But I have no illusions whatsoever that people have to, or will, agree with what I have to say. And to that, I say good on them – they do not have to take my word as gospel, nor take the same or similar viewpoints. In fact, I enjoy it when people question me or argue; partly because it’s a guilty pleasure, but mostly because a discussion of ideas is how healthy discourse should work.

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One Nation, the NRA, and Al Jazeera: A Question of Public Interest Pt.2


One of my university lecturers posed these questions to us regarding ethics in journalism:

Is it ever ok for the media to engage in covert activities and deception? What role does public interest play?

In Pt.1 I gave One Nation and the gun lobby no quarter, and it is in this piece that I wish to explore Al Jazeera’s role, as well as answer the above questions.

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One Nation, the NRA, and Al Jazeera: A Question of Public Interest Pt.1


Whether it was from legitimate news sources, or the barrage of Betoota articles about people ‘on the sauce’, most would have heard about Al Jazeera’s How to Sell a Massacre investigation. Gun lobbyists – real and fake – politicians, secret meetings with alcohol, an undercover journalist, and conspiracy to buy election results. You would almost have to agree with One Nation’s own Steve Dickson when he said: “The is the stuff you see in James Bond magazines [sic].” But it is very real, and incredibly concerning for a number of reasons.

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Quick Quips: Out of Line


David Draiman’s song Out of Line, featuring Serj Tankian, is easily my favourite song on his album Device. It doesn’t hold back on its criticism of abusive power, which remains undefined but can be applied to any autocratic or plutocratic institution. From the chorus:

“You try to justify the pain that you’ve wrought,

But you’re out of line, you’re out of line.”

It is safe to say in recent months, many have stepped out of line.

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Why Hearing About New Zealand’s Response to Christchurch is Important


I have seen some people recently start to question why we are hearing so much about the aftermath of the Christchurch terror attack in New Zealand. Some say it’s just becoming ‘old news’, wanting the news cycle to move on, while others have come out with rather offensive and politically charged responses. But, although one might argue that maybe the story has saturated the media more than expected, I think there are some very worthwhile reasons to keep reporting on how the country has reacted.

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ABC Predicts Coalition Win for NSW Election


Despite all the corruption and scandals that the NSW Coalition parties have been caught out in, ABC’s top election analyst Antony Green has predicted a Coalition win for NSW, leaving Gladys Berejiklian and John Barilaro as Premier and Deputy Premier. No one is calling it straight, however, with everyone being cautious about the numbers. Coalition is now the confirmed winner.

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NSW Election – The Media is Screwing You


Tomorrow, New South Wales has their state election, a battle that is tragically a 50/50 split between the Liberals/Nationals and Labor. I am not a huge fan of Labor entirely, having criticised them at times for their fumbling with Adani, their relative quiet over the asylum seeker debate, and other bits and pieces when they come up. But despite my personal purist stance, which I won’t bother denying, realistically one cannot compare Labor and the Coalition parties and say “they are as bad as each other” honestly. The difference is night and day, and while I maintain my criticisms of Labor are legitimate, can the state of NSW and the country afford another term of Coalition governance?

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Outfoxed: A Reflection


One of my optional university units this semester is about the media, detailing how it works and its role in society. This week the topic was the media’s relationship with power structures and other institutions, like political and corporate powers. While the modules mostly focussed on Chomsky and Herman’s book Manufacturing Consent, which I actually read three years ago (and was my introduction to Chomsky), there was a link to a documentary called Outfoxed, which wasn’t necessary to watch but I ended up looking at it anyway. It is, as the name suggests, about Fox News in the US, and despite being made in 2004 is still a relevant analysis of how the “news” organisation functions.

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