Lenin and the Russian Revolution: A Reflection Pt.1



It took longer than I intended (it was a relatively short book), but I have finally finished Christopher Hill’s brief book on the Russian Revolution, which spoke of it through the lens of Lenin’s ideas and actions. I’ll most definitely have to read some other books about the time period to have a more in depth understanding and context surrounding the Revolution as it was rather limited. Despite this, it did offer a fair amount of introductory insight to the years (approximately) 1903-1924, and there are ideas worth exploring.

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Culture of Greed: Banking Royal Commission Report Released


The Final Report of the Royal Commission into the banking sector has officially been released, following an icy media op between Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Commissioner Kenneth Hayne. Frydenberg tried to lighten the mood as photographers tried to urge them to shake hands, but Hayne refused to even look at the Treasurer – the utter contempt was palpable. Given the findings, and how most of the government voted north of 20 times to try and hold back from the RC, that comes as no surprise. (Link to the report below).

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Unions Pressure McDonalds


You don’t need to keep up with the news to know that a vast number of major retail and fast food franchises are bending or outright breaking the rules when it comes to the treatment and payment of their employees. An endless string of abuses across Australia pop up in the media all the time, and while calling these businesses out for it pressures them to make reparations, there is a solution that would ensure these types of abuses do not happen and keep them acting fairly – unions.

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Working On Christmas?


Recently the outrage debate in the media, surprisingly pushed by the retail union, has been whether or not stores should be allowed to have people working on Christmas Day. Woolworths was told they were not allowed to roster staff on Christmas Day for packing shelves, and some want the same ban to apply for Boxing Day, saying everyone deserves to have the days off to celebrate. But what about those who don’t care?

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Amazon Raises Wages – But it cannot Stop Here


Just hours ago Amazon has announced it will be raising the minimum wage of their lowest paid employees to $15 an hour (USD). Bezos has made this move after a campaign to raise the minimum wage in America to $15 an hour, with Senator Bernie Sanders heavily endorsing the national movement. Sanders himself has stated that he looks forward to cooperating with Bezos to make the minimum wage target a reality for all Americans.

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