Quick Quips: (Literally) Bloody Hell


I have been slack and haven’t posted in a couple of days – I am still ahead on my goal to reach 365 posts this year, but I’ll admit I was having a bit much fun testing out my new laptop’s capabilities and didn’t get around to writing much. But while I’ve been quiet, the world sure has not been. Neither has our government here in Australia, despite the fact they are so inept they can’t even do their job.

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Disaster Survivors Speak Up


Over the last few weeks we have had a number of environmental catastrophes, from countless fish dying, to floods in Townsville, to bushfires in Tasmania. Scott Morrison went on a trip to Townsville that brought ire for his lack of response. He was asked about the role of climate change in the increased number of extreme weather events around the world and, on a foray that was simply for public image leading into the election, said he didn’t want to bring politics into the issue. He no longer has the choice – the people are bringing it to him.

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Shopping In the Nude Section + Reddit Link


Similar clickbait headlines were seen in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago as our better-at-most-things neighbours had one of their supermarket chains, New World, introduced “nude shopping”, a great marketing tactic. Thankfully, they aren’t committing any workplace health and safety violations, because it is the food that is nude.

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“Invasion Day” Protests Across the Country


Protests were carried out across the country today, calling for the changing of the date of Australia Day from the 26th to something more inclusive. Of course, it made media headlines and caused a bit of a ruckus online. But is the date of the national day the issue worth protesting?

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2 Birds with More Buses


Massive infrastructure projects have been announced for South East Queensland to reduce congestion to and from Brisbane and surrounding regions. While improving upon the current infrastructure is a vital solution in the long term with a growing population and urban expansion, there is a much simpler, and much cheaper, solution for the short term problem of congestion: public transport.

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We Can All Learn From Today


Today, tens of thousands of students, children, went on a strike from school today across the country. All of them did so with one united goal – to protest against the current government’s outdated reliance on fossil fuels, for the survival of their futures. Even being faced with displeased politicians hiding behind the walls of Parliament, they shouted for a better and cleaner world.

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