Coups and Jail: Assaults on Freedom


The long-expected coup attempt in Venezuela began this week, declared by Maduro as failed while Guaido received backing from some prominent figures. Meanwhile, Julian Assange has been sentenced for 50 weeks in the UK for skipping bail in 2012 when he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Both events are quite disheartening.

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The Spectrum of Debate


Being able to openly discuss your views and have a civil debate is something that I believe all people have a right to do, even if their views are not savoury or particularly welcome – how else are you able to call them out and educate people? But there are a number of issues where, mostly in the media, the spectrum of debate is quite warped. Certain views saturate our news and social feeds and others are dismissed, regardless of their actual merits.

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Quick Quips: Real Interference


Everyone in the mainstream media has been obsessively chasing the “Russiagate” story, particularly in the US. While the full Mueller report would be nice – without redactions – it has been decided that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Shady stuff, yes – Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election, certainly. But even if Trump did collude with Russia, so what? Didn’t do much.

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Only Once – Watch Fox News


I suppose watching Fox can be seen as worthwhile from an academic point of view. The manipulation and distortion of the public narrative in the media is at its zenith in Murdoch’s conservative halls, and it has interesting to see just how grand an impact it has had on the global population and its perceptions. But if not for academic purposes, I would never recommend the Trump-worshipping channel.

Until now.

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The Price of Freedom


No, not price in any metaphorical sense – literally. One day after the arrest of Julian Assange, where he was dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the International Monetary Fund (seen by many as a financial arm of the US) approved a $4.2 billion loan for Ecuador. $4.2 billion is the price to pay for cooperation in silencing dissidence and tearing down the peoples’ right to expose their governments.

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Assange Arrested – Australia Must Step Forward


Videos and headlines surfaced last night (AEST) of Julian Assange being forced out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and straight into a police van. In a faint voice – he certainly looked and sounded like he’d spent 7 years locked in a small room – he was calling “the UK must resist”. Seeing as Ecuador’s corrupt and bought President betrayed him, and the UK has now arrested him for probable extradition to the US, it is up to his home country to take a stand. Australia.

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Assange in (More) Danger


Julian Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since he took refuge there in 2012. He was running from multiple charges, but the murkiest are the ones threatening to have him spirited away into the US for the crime of shining a light on power. WikiLeaks is arguably one of the most important organisations in history, and now its Australian founder might be counting down his final days in London – and not willingly.

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Trump “News” vs Actual News


There was one headline this week that had people jumping on the chuckle-and-ridicule bandwagon, and that was the ‘revelation’ that Donald Trump, imagine this, cheats at golf. And someone, granted a sportswriter I suppose, took the time to write a book about it to ‘prove’ how the man has cheated and lied religiously his whole life. Is there anyone else out there who, like me, couldn’t care less what he does when playing golf?

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My Venezuela Prediction in Motion


I had a Facebook memory this morning about a post I made regarding Venezuela. On this day last year, I predicted that there would either be an internal coup or a US backed military intervention in the next one to two years. All that was missing was a ‘justifiable’ motive. Almost like clockwork, there was an internal coup attempt in January that has now been followed by aggressive ‘aid’ spearheaded by the US, with Elliott Abrams at the helm. It’s only a waiting game now.

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Quick Quips: (Literally) Bloody Hell


I have been slack and haven’t posted in a couple of days – I am still ahead on my goal to reach 365 posts this year, but I’ll admit I was having a bit much fun testing out my new laptop’s capabilities and didn’t get around to writing much. But while I’ve been quiet, the world sure has not been. Neither has our government here in Australia, despite the fact they are so inept they can’t even do their job.

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