Australia Recognises Guaido


A small update to my piece yesterday about foreign leaders declaring who they recognise as the head of state in another country. Australia, tragically but predictably, has followed in step with the US in backing the long anticipated coup in Venezuela.

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We Cannot Declare Foreign Leaders


Since Juan Guaido has placed himself in a position to begin a coup in Venezuela, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has desperately tried to urge leaders around the world to side with the US in their backing of the change. As in my last piece on Venezuela, it does not matter what you think of the country or its current leadership, the idea that foreign groups and leaders can simply declare who they will recognise as head of state sets a dangerous precedent. Worst of all, it has absolutely no bearing on the wellbeing and self-determination of the Venezuelan people.

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Venezuela Kicks off Coup, US Backs It


It was something I predicted since February last year, but I won’t pretend to have any expertise on the subject – anyone with even a vague knowledge of Latin American history would have been able to speculate quite rightly the heightening possibility of a coup in Venezuela. And it should also come as no surprise that the US government intends on backing it, most likely with Brazil and Columbia in tow.

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Quick Quips: Bus to Where? The Front Fell Off


Bill Shorten is trying to one up Scott Morrison after the Prime Minister failed to stay with his bus through Queensland a while back. After Pauline’s battler bus, Scott Morrison’s shadow bus, and Bill’s publicity bus, who is steering the country away from that cliff over there?

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Trump’s Wall Promise Officially Broken


So as the US nears its most historic (longest) government shutdown, it is probably worth noting that Trump’s approach to the issue of the wall has changed. It is still one of the only campaign promises he made that he is somewhat dedicated to, but now even his support base must realise how unfeasible the wall really is and how dangerous this shutdown will be for ordinary Americans.

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What Is History?: A Reflection Pt.3


History as a Method of Prediction

Again I loosely refer to the concepts introduced by Carr in his book What Is History?, but intend on using that as merely inspiration for my own thoughts on this topic and not as a recounting of his views. I’ve previously written about how history can be used as a comparative tool and as context to more succinctly understand current events (causation, which, coincidentally, is the chapter I am up to in Carr’s book). I have also written a few pieces predicting what I believe may happen in the near future based on the historical context of the region. There are also moral and factual aspects of these predictions that I believe are important, not because they have any bearing on the prediction itself, but on the person who made it and reason it was made.

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George Soros’ Connection to the Refugee Caravan


I know what you’re thinking. Oh dear, a conspiracy theory about that dangerous old banker Soros and his evil ties to everything ‘anti-American’ (read as ‘opposed to white supremacy and misinformation’). No, this isn’t going to be some far-fetched new world order stuff; it’ll be a justified correlation between Soros’ interests and the events in Honduras in 2009. This piece is more about Obama than Soros.

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Venezuela is Primed for a Coup


In February, I predicted to some of my friends that Venezuela and Iran were the next likely candidates to fall to US interventionism (a couple of months later I tentatively added Nicaragua to the list as a possibility). Since then, an assassination attempt against Maduro took place in August, and Trump’s handling of the Iran situation has only exacerbated the divide between the two countries. While the latter can be partially attributed to the Trump Administration’s incompetence, both of these events follow imperialist patterns used by the US since the 1800’s. Iran appears to be holding firm against US rhetoric, but cracks in Venezuela’s once popular government have been visible for some time.

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