Israel Isn’t Building, It’s Demolishing


Headline after headline shot across social media and the news earlier this week about Ramat Trump – Trump Heights. This apparently new town was announced and celebrated by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. Only, there is no new town.

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Australia Owes Timor-Leste Reparations


I have written before about the shameful way in which Australia (and the US and Indonesia by extension) has treated the young country to our northwest. Our support of the Indonesian dictator Suharto, involvement in forming the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (and subsequent withdrawal in 2002), and the espionage we committed against Timor-Leste during negotiations have all had massive consequences.

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US Declarations Are Not Law


To the contrary, much of what the US does on an international stage (and some may argue national as well) is in blatant opposition to international law. Nowhere is this more obvious than its unconditional backing of Israeli colonial dreams against the Palestinians.

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Amnesty International Calls for Rethink on Myanmar Relations


Amnesty International (AI) released a report on May 29th calling on the UNSC and international partners to rethink the current approach to Myanmar in the wake of new atrocities and potential war crimes. A few years ago, there was international outrage over the Myanmar military’s treatment of the Rohingya, an ethnic minority in the region. Australia has been indirectly involved in these atrocities since the start.

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What Australia Can Look Forward To


Having elected the Coalition in for another three years really helps solidify who I am as a person; that is, a contradiction. Visions of an ideal society collide with the cynical prediction of the destruction of organised human life (to borrow Chomsky’s phrase). The non-confrontational pacifist who is ever ready to vehemently argue their point with anyone who challenges it. The student who understands they know very little, yet denounces the unaware masses for their ignorance. The line between these two sides only continues to blur the more our leaders sink the world lower and lower into their pit of corruption and negligence. Buckle up, Australia.

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Abortion Debate is Simply Oppression – Nothing Else to It


With hope that it will get stopped somewhere through the Courts, Alabama (a US State) is likely to pass a bill that would make getting an abortion a felony. The same bill would also make it a felony for doctors to carry out the procedure, with jail terms of up to 99 years if caught doing so. I’ve spoken before about the politicising of abortion, but the debate around it comes down to a single concept – power.

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Quick Quips: Real Interference


Everyone in the mainstream media has been obsessively chasing the “Russiagate” story, particularly in the US. While the full Mueller report would be nice – without redactions – it has been decided that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Shady stuff, yes – Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election, certainly. But even if Trump did collude with Russia, so what? Didn’t do much.

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UN Veto Powers Undemocratic: On the Sexual Violence Resolution


There is a reasonable argument that can be put forward about how the UN is structurally undemocratic – for example, I certainly didn’t feel overly represented when our government refused to take part in negotiating a treaty to ban nuclear weapons in 2017. Decisions being made with little to no consultation or care of the public can hardly be considered democratic. Larger issues aside, one of the wildest issues with the UN is the absurd concept of the veto powers, held by countries that probably shouldn’t be leading global ‘diplomacy’.

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Only Once – Watch Fox News


I suppose watching Fox can be seen as worthwhile from an academic point of view. The manipulation and distortion of the public narrative in the media is at its zenith in Murdoch’s conservative halls, and it has interesting to see just how grand an impact it has had on the global population and its perceptions. But if not for academic purposes, I would never recommend the Trump-worshipping channel.

Until now.

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Intelligence Versus Arrogance Pt.2


In Pt.1 I compared Noam Chomsky and Ben Shapiro over their speeches/discussions of socialism. In this post, I want to focus on the Israeli-Palestinian question, for which I will refer to those two but also many others. Just like when talking about socialism, the contrast between intelligent speakers and arrogant and hypocritical ones is rather interesting.

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