Married at First Sight: The Tragic Endgame of Commercial Media


If there is one thing I hate more than the commercial news stations, it is the other garbage that they spew out year after year to boost ratings and make absolute bellends ‘famous’. Shows like Master Chef used to have a level of prestige, where the personality was important but second to the cooking ability of the contestants. After the first few seasons, however, it quickly became all about the personalities and drama, with the actual cooking taking passenger seat in a cooking show. Nowadays, these types of shows don’t even bother trying to hold substance and go straight for the ratings fix. No more is this evident than with the absolute depths of media depravity, Married at First Sight.

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Why Vilify Honest Reflection?


Liam Neeson has made headlines over his story regarding a friend who was attacked by a black man a number of years ago. He admitted that he spent a week hoping to find them in a bout of instinctual rage. There is more to the story, but somehow that’s all that was picked up by some who are now threatening to boycott his latest movie.

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Why I Changed Banks


It is something that I intended to do for quite some time, but today I have officially closed my account with the Commonwealth Bank. I had been with them since primary school through the Dollarmite school banking program, and to me it was simply a place to store my money – I had no savings account, no wish to secure a loan or take up any other offer from them. My only association was just making transactions with my card. So given the revelations of the Royal Commission into the private banking sector, it was an easy choice to leave.

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Quick Quips: First Month


It may just be something that happens as you get older, but even at 20 the time seems to fly by with little regard for what one would like to do with said time. Already we are at the end of January, with the scene set for 2019. Yes, it looks like it’s going to just be another regular year.

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Shopping In the Nude Section + Reddit Link


Similar clickbait headlines were seen in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago as our better-at-most-things neighbours had one of their supermarket chains, New World, introduced “nude shopping”, a great marketing tactic. Thankfully, they aren’t committing any workplace health and safety violations, because it is the food that is nude.

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Quick Quips: Bus to Where? The Front Fell Off


Bill Shorten is trying to one up Scott Morrison after the Prime Minister failed to stay with his bus through Queensland a while back. After Pauline’s battler bus, Scott Morrison’s shadow bus, and Bill’s publicity bus, who is steering the country away from that cliff over there?

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500 Book Milestone


It’s Bookfest this week and with what I purchased I tipped over the 500 books mark. That’s 500 books owned, not read, but they are all in the ever growing pile that I’ll get to someday. I believe the Japanese phrase I heard some time ago was “tsundoku”, the books that are collected but never read. So many books and nowhere near enough time…

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No Cure for Ignorance, Only Better Ignorance


While I consider philosophy, history, and political books recreational reading, it is always refreshing to go back to the genre that introduced me to reading in the first place – fantasy. What better than the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, containing equal parts humour, insightful quotes, and the only flat-earth theory that I would ever accept if such a thing were true. But it’s the middle one I wish to mention, as there was a specific quote from the third novel, Equal Rites (a great pun), about ignorance.

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Stop the Insult Journalism


I’ll be the first to admit that I can occasionally make unkind jokes among friends about some politician’s appearance. The first ones that come to mind are Trump’s hair and orange skin tone, or the ‘potato head’ nickname for Peter Dutton. But that’s all they are – casual jokes with friends, with no real substance or intent behind them. Yet for a media that constantly calls people out for bullying or making fun of appearance, there seems to be a double standard against those they just don’t like.

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