Gaza Unsilenced: A Reflection


Due to a large amount of university work, and (admittedly) no small amount of stalling, I hadn’t gotten around to finishing my latest read as quick as I’d have liked. Given the escalation between Israel and Gaza in the past week, however, it is a topical one to finish. Gaza Unsilenced is a compilation of numerous articles and posts by people that were witness to, or affected by, Israel’s 2014 invasion known as “Protective Edge”. And it’s not pretty.

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Eurovision Covers Media as Israel-Gaza Conflict Escalates


Eurovision, a music contest that has become a global event, will be held in Israel this year. Many people have called for artists and viewers to boycott the contest in an attempt to draw attention to Israel’s abuses against the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. As tensions rise, along with the death count, what could be the beginnings of another strike against Gaza might get swept aside due to the contest’s popularity.

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Campaigns of Fear


The election is coming fast, with early voting already open and politicians wandering around not doing much. Campaigns, mostly consisting of attacking any opposition, are being run by politicians and activist groups across the country. But as satirist Friendlyjordies put it in a recent video, since the 2016 US elections, elections globally and media coverage of them are very much emotionally driven. To quote Dickens, we just want the facts.

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The Hypocrisy of the Democrats


That US foreign policy is the same no matter which party controls the White House is not controversial to say. Imperialist, very much resource driven, and with the illusion of ideological and moral superiority. From the Republicans, this is no surprise; to paraphrase Noam Chomsky, no other organisation in human history has been so dedicated to the destruction of our species. From the Democrats, however, there’s an extra level of hypocrisy.

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Facebook Crackdown More than Freedom of Speech


It was announced that some despicable people, the most popular being Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, have now been banned from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This has been met with applause from many and screams of authoritarian censorship from the figures’ supporters. There is a simple reason why these bans aren’t exactly attacks on freedom of speech. However, I find the reason that is to be much more concerning.

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We Need the Union Movement


I was talking to a lady I know (she used the term debate, but I fear that – without wishing to cause offense – would require knowledge on the topic) about a few political topics. It wasn’t so much a coherent discussion as it was a rushed scattering of vaguely connected points we each made, but one point took centre stage. The union movement.

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Coups and Jail: Assaults on Freedom


The long-expected coup attempt in Venezuela began this week, declared by Maduro as failed while Guaido received backing from some prominent figures. Meanwhile, Julian Assange has been sentenced for 50 weeks in the UK for skipping bail in 2012 when he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Both events are quite disheartening.

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Ethics of Investigative Journalism


One of the topics discussed in my media unit at university was ethics. This wasn’t specific to journalism – it referred to other things, from entertainment media to advertising – but the rest, while interesting to know, isn’t worth talking about here. I’ve already written one piece trash talking commercial TV shows and giving more time to it would almost validate it as worthwhile. Besides, investigative journalism and political news is much more fascinating, right? Right?

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The Spectrum of Debate


Being able to openly discuss your views and have a civil debate is something that I believe all people have a right to do, even if their views are not savoury or particularly welcome – how else are you able to call them out and educate people? But there are a number of issues where, mostly in the media, the spectrum of debate is quite warped. Certain views saturate our news and social feeds and others are dismissed, regardless of their actual merits.

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Quick Quips: Real Interference


Everyone in the mainstream media has been obsessively chasing the “Russiagate” story, particularly in the US. While the full Mueller report would be nice – without redactions – it has been decided that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Shady stuff, yes – Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election, certainly. But even if Trump did collude with Russia, so what? Didn’t do much.

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