Ideas, Individuals, and… Nationalism?


We’ve all heard the saying: “If you don’t love it here, leave!” The irony of those kinds of statements though, usually disseminated online towards ‘leftists’ of various sorts (whether on cultural or economic concerns), is that the people who most often assert them are the ones with gripes over their country’s wellbeing. This inconsistency can reach comical standards at times, and also helps reveal other hypocrisies.

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Quick Quips: I’ll Drink to That


“If you voted Greens then get out of the house!” Thankfully, I didn’t get drunk that night, otherwise there may have been quite the political hurricane amid the reserved celebrations of the evening. Head down, amiable but fake smile, avoiding the gaze of my chuckling friend as the older man praised “ol’ Trumpy”. Some whiskey and a nod later, crisis was averted – a friend’s birthday saved. I’ll drink to that.

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Physical and Intellectual Superiority/Inferiority


A provocative title, implying that the physical and intellectual aspects of a person are in some form of competition or have any particular sway over each other. Does one’s physical attributes command their intellectual capabilities or vice versa? I see no logical connection, and reality would often disagree with that query. Yet, there are many who seem to believe they are somehow entwined.

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US 2020 Election Prediction


Making predictions of what will happen in the future, be it tomorrow, this year, or further into the future is, I believe, a worthwhile task. I wrote about this before, in disagreement with E. H. Carr, professor and author of the book What Is History?. For me, the idea of ‘predicting’ what will happen is an academic exercise – you don’t know for certain, but with the facts and circumstances surrounding the issue you can make a reasonable guess. Whether you’re right or wrong, you learn to analyse events with a keener eye. So, my US 2020 election prediction? Trump.

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The Wrong Propaganda Message


For whatever reason, a 7 News video was suggested to me online (maybe following commercial news stations on Twitter was a mistake, now they’re running me down on Facebook). It showed some random rally of a ‘far-right’ group in Penrith, which totalled 25 people. But the video was of little interest – the comments were, however.

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The Folau Saga


I find the constant reporting on Israel Folau’s actions tiresome. With that being said, I’ll paraphrase The Simpson’s Sideshow Bob by saying: “By the way, I am aware of the irony of writing about Folau in order to decry it, so don’t bother pointing that out.” But this has gone on for far too long and it’s become, quite simply, pathetic. And yes, admittedly this is more a rant-like piece, I was out most of the day and a bit tired.

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Quick Quips: What Is a Lie?


The Economist posted a video a couple of months ago discussing whether or not politicians lie. I didn’t agree with most of it, seeing as their conclusion was that something was only a lie if the person telling it had the intent and knowledge they were doing so. They instead try to palm certain things off – even Trump’s antics – as things like ‘exaggeration’, ‘untruths’ (isn’t that just synonymous with lies?), ‘nonsense’, or (quoting the academic prowess of a philosopher) ‘bullshit’. How trite.

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Israel Isn’t Building, It’s Demolishing


Headline after headline shot across social media and the news earlier this week about Ramat Trump – Trump Heights. This apparently new town was announced and celebrated by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. Only, there is no new town.

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200th Post


When I started this website last year, I never expected it to get as far as it did. Not in terms of audience – which has been relatively small in the overall scheme of things. Maybe if I paid Facebook that $43 to reach however many thousand people it promises this time I’ll get somewhere… Nah, I’m happy as it is. But there is one point I’d like to focus on now.

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Queensland Labor has Failed


Coal. One of the major factors behind the Coalition’s re-election almost a month ago, as QLD and regional areas voted against sensible environmental policy to instead receive more propaganda from a failing government about a dying industry. Labor was never perfect on this issue, but they at least had a plan. But now Queensland Labor has put the final nail in the coffin – Adani edges closer and closer.

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