We Don’t Have To Apologise, We Need To Acknowledge


As the Australia Day hype pretty much dies after it happens, there has been a recurring image online that has sparked controversy. Quite frankly, it is just an ill-informed post looking for some quick attention from an equally ill-informed crowd.

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Free Service? No, You Are the Product


A longer read than usual. It would be prudent to begin by saying that there is an obvious distinction between the public and private sector here. In the public sector, it is not profit but the efficiency and benefit of the service to the public that is the main goal. Things like public transport, medical care, education, etc. are all areas that should belong to, and remain invested in by, the public as those services are critical to the progression of society. Thus making them free, or at least subsidised to some extent, is worthwhile in the long term. Private enterprise, however, cannot, by definition, offer “free” services – there must always be a profit, and therefore a price to consumers. Clive Palmer also features here, because of course the shit “meme lord” has made the news again.

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Do We Need Quotas?


The short answer, in my opinion (with a few possible exceptions), is no. The idea of quotas being the gauge for eligibility for any kind of work, position, award, etc. is supposed to push to the forefront diversity, be it racial or gender based. It should be acknowledged that there is still a level of discrimination that is faced in certain professions and workplaces, but immediate change cannot be forced by implementing quotas.

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“Invasion Day” Protests Across the Country


Protests were carried out across the country today, calling for the changing of the date of Australia Day from the 26th to something more inclusive. Of course, it made media headlines and caused a bit of a ruckus online. But is the date of the national day the issue worth protesting?

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Quick Quips: Bus to Where? The Front Fell Off


Bill Shorten is trying to one up Scott Morrison after the Prime Minister failed to stay with his bus through Queensland a while back. After Pauline’s battler bus, Scott Morrison’s shadow bus, and Bill’s publicity bus, who is steering the country away from that cliff over there?

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The ABC’s Fate


You can look at the ABC from two angles. The first being that, as our public broadcaster, is one of the most trusted news sources in the country. The second is that that trust is being slowly undermined and whittled away as the ABC becomes a tool for the Coalition to bat away or play down stories detrimental to the government. It is very clear that, if the Coalition are allowed to retain their position after the election, the ABC will be a shell of its former self.

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500 Book Milestone


It’s Bookfest this week and with what I purchased I tipped over the 500 books mark. That’s 500 books owned, not read, but they are all in the ever growing pile that I’ll get to someday. I believe the Japanese phrase I heard some time ago was “tsundoku”, the books that are collected but never read. So many books and nowhere near enough time…

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“Liberals vs Conservatives”


Let’s start off with a quote by the late Eric Hobsbawm.

“It is to be noted that political conflicts provided an alternative to social conflicts: they tended to replace the vertical confrontation of the lower class against its ruler with the horizontal confrontation of Liberal communities against Conservative communities, and the occupation of the landlord’s lands with that of the murdered or expelled neighbours of a different political allegiance.”

This (i.e. the last segment of the paragraph) is specifically referring to peasant movements in Columbia, written in 1969 about the previous few decades (I am currently reading Viva La Revolución, a compilation of some of his writings about Latin America). But the premise remains important.

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Gillette – Pros and Cons


The latest bizarre outrage and company boycott/worship fest centres around an advertisement put out by Gillette. The premise of the ad is that men should strive to be better as people and that they should take a more active role in combatting what is today termed ‘toxic masculinity’. The people have spoken, and as always, the people are in conflict.

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The NBN, LNP, and Murdoch Walk Into A Bar…


… and the NBN does not make it out alive. For anyone paying any attention, it was incredibly obvious that the intentional sabotage of the National Broadband Network was done to please our great media overlord, Rupert Murdoch. So why is it taking so long for everyone to be angry about this abuse of power that has drastically and negatively affected our country?

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