My Vision


Let’s start off with a small introduction. I am a graduate from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT, Australia) in IT and Creative Industries. Now, due to a lack of direction in life (or perhaps a move in the right direction), I am studying a Bachelor of Journalism at UQ. Alongside this formal study, I have been an avid reader of history and current affairs covering a plethora of topics for many years. The purpose of this site is to create a space where I can express my knowledge and opinions to a wider audience. So what sort of content can you expect from this site?

Modern Politics

First and foremost, my focus will be on political issues that are important and prevalent today. This is an extremely broad concept, and as such will consist of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Global issues, such as conflicts, international relations and affairs, human rights, and crises like climate change or the refugee issue
  • Australian politics on a national, state, and occasionally a Council level (Brisbane for the latter, usually)
  • Philosophical ideas and opinions regarding political and economic systems; for example, the site’s namesake, anarchism.


Secondly, history plays a key part in our understanding of the modern world. My interest in history is extensive, and therefore will take on a few different forms:

  • Historical context. Providing historical context for current events is critical if one is to understand why the world operates the way it does today.
  • Comparative occurrences. Something many historians and political analysts do is compare modern events with past events of a similar nature.
  • General history. Any general history knowledge that may prop up in research or the news that does not fit the above options but may still be of interest.

Social and Cultural

Thirdly, society and culture are what combines people together or, as the media often portrays it, divides them. I generally opt out of discussing certain issues, not due to the volatility of them, but simply because the discourse surrounding them is tedious. There are, however, many other topics that fall under this bracket, including (and again not limited to):

  • Inequality of all kinds:
    • Wealth
    • Gender
    • LGBT+
    • Racial
    • etc.
  • Religion
  • Entertainment (limited solely to discussion about ‘controversies’ relating to any mentioned topic)
  • Technology


Lastly, anything that does not fit into any of the above categories but still picks up a mention on this site will be melded together in a miscellaneous grouping. These are not bound by any particular concept but may just be of interest to some.

For all of the above, my intention is to inform readers on a variety of topics and ideas through critical analysis, opinion pieces, and informative pieces. My hope with this site is to reach out to people and try to make an alternative voice in what can be a tumultuous media landscape. I’ll end this address with a quote by one of the prominent figures in political analysis and anarchist circles, a man I strongly recommend all look into.

“The anarchist asks those in power to prove their claims to authority – and argues that if their systems can’t be justified then they ought to be dismantled and replaced by something more free and just.”- Noam Chomsky, On Anarchism.