A Recent Timeline of Andrew Laming


My Federal MP, Andrew Laming, is in the news yet again, this time being thrown into the pool of fiends in Parliament House who can’t seem to grasp the concept of respecting women, so feel the need to try grasp at women. He has been the MP for Bowman since 2004 – 17 years this year. I first voted in 2016, so I thought it would be fun to run through his various stunts, media appearances, and mishaps in that time! (This is a list of what I remembered and found with some quick searches – if you have anymore to add, let me know!)

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How My Federal MP Broke My Heart


It was 2017, and the debate surrounding the same-sex marriage plebiscite was polluting the daily news. Articles of support and opposition were rampant, and insults flew from all angles. It was the question on everyone’s mind: are homosexuals entitled to the same government interference in their relationship’s legitimacy as heterosexuals are? It is with this vitriolic and, quite frankly, bizarre media backdrop that this sad story takes place. The day Andrew Laming blocked me from his life. Oh, cold dagger to my heart, will you ever accept me back to the fold?

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