What War on Christmas?


As with a lot of major holidays and events (Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.) there is an annual outrage that repeats itself without any resolution whatsoever, whether one exists or not. This month, depending on which part of the internet you dwell in, you probably saw a lot of shouting over the “war on Christmas” that is being waged relentlessly. The most obvious culprits for this festive finality is the ill-defined “left”, or the “inner city”, whatever that refers to. As someone who lives close (-ish) to Brisbane and falls into this so-called “left”, I suppose, I can only blankly say a single word: What?

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Working On Christmas?


Recently the outrage debate in the media, surprisingly pushed by the retail union, has been whether or not stores should be allowed to have people working on Christmas Day. Woolworths was told they were not allowed to roster staff on Christmas Day for packing shelves, and some want the same ban to apply for Boxing Day, saying everyone deserves to have the days off to celebrate. But what about those who don’t care?

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