Article Review on the Internet and States of Nature


As with the other piece posted today, this is an assessment item from university (again, that I hope makes sense), this one a review of one of the course readings so far in the semester. I chose this one because, well, mostly I was very low on time because I’m an utter idiot. But also because it was about the internet, which I do happen to know a thing or two about. The TL;DR here is discussing whether the Internet is similar to Hobbes’ State of Nature, as depicted in The Leviathan, or a ‘state within a state’ based on Rousseau’s notion that society is corrupt. My conclusion was that it absolutely is a digital state within many other physical states, and that I disagreed with the author’s (Reeven) middle ground approach and intense focus on net neutrality.

Not as confident with this one as I am with the previous piece, but ah well, here it is.

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How My Federal MP Broke My Heart


It was 2017, and the debate surrounding the same-sex marriage plebiscite was polluting the daily news. Articles of support and opposition were rampant, and insults flew from all angles. It was the question on everyone’s mind: are homosexuals entitled to the same government interference in their relationship’s legitimacy as heterosexuals are? It is with this vitriolic and, quite frankly, bizarre media backdrop that this sad story takes place. The day Andrew Laming blocked me from his life. Oh, cold dagger to my heart, will you ever accept me back to the fold?

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