What Is History?: A Reflection Pt.3


History as a Method of Prediction

Again I loosely refer to the concepts introduced by Carr in his book What Is History?, but intend on using that as merely inspiration for my own thoughts on this topic and not as a recounting of his views. I’ve previously written about how history can be used as a comparative tool and as context to more succinctly understand current events (causation, which, coincidentally, is the chapter I am up to in Carr’s book). I have also written a few pieces predicting what I believe may happen in the near future based on the historical context of the region. There are also moral and factual aspects of these predictions that I believe are important, not because they have any bearing on the prediction itself, but on the person who made it and reason it was made.

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Protests in France a Class Struggle, Not Pro-Fossil Fuels


The current Yellow Vest protests in France were sparked by a tax that increased the price of diesel fuel in the country. As this was the tipping point that caused them, the media (outside of France) has blamed this tax as the major issue. As such, a few commentators and readers have taken this as French opposition towards renewable energy and a step back to fossil fuels. But this wasn’t a tipping point in a battle for the climate – it goes further, into a class struggle against Macron’s neo-liberal policies.

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