North Korea – A Question of History



A few months ago, I had an interaction with an American author I have great respect for (I will refrain from naming them) on a post they shared about America’s relationship with North Korea. This was not too long after that glorified ‘peace’ talk between Trump and Kim, and people were justifiably concerned about the lack of any real progress being made. While Trump’s efforts were essentially a publicity stunt, no sitting POTUS had ever held a summit with a North Korean leader before that. The media downplayed the whole occasion on the basis of Trump himself, but even if under his Administration tensions don’t subside (National Security Advisor John Bolton will ensure they do not), shouldn’t peace talks be encouraged? I digress though. My concern with the American’s post wasn’t his view of the summit, but his insistence that the history of the US-North Korean conflict is irrelevant to the current situation, that history was irrelevant. Is this a valid point?

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