My 2020 Reading List


As this rather wretched and exhausting year comes to a close, I looked back at my list from 2019 and laughed sadly at my optimistic plans to read more in 2020. Perhaps I did when you count news, analysis, etc. online, but in terms of books it was disastrously minimal. However, the books I did read offered brilliant insights or just fascinating bits of knowledge. So, in no real order:

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Did Gough Whitlam Play Us or the US?


It has been generally accepted that the Dismissal of Gough Whitlam in November 1975 was a “soft coup”. It was the culmination of various tensions between Whitlam and the United States, namely its intelligence communities (and, by extension, our own). One of the oft cited reasons was Whitlam’s purported opposition to the US’ bases within Australia, perhaps the most infamous of which is Pine Gap in Alice Springs. But did Australia’s arguably best Prime Minister actually oppose them as public perception believes?

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Julian Assange: Hero or Enemy?


Assange has been in the news for three reasons in the last week, and as always, public opinion is divided on whether he should be celebrated for his work with WikiLeaks, or locked away for good. The US government would prefer to see the latter, despite alleged ties between him and Trump, because the man has been a thorn in the US’ side for a long while now. But the question remains: is he a hero of the people, or is he just bad?

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