Alan Jones A Confirmed Case of Idiocy


Right after having to claim he isn’t stupid, Alan Jones, now gracing the festering pit of Sky News commentary, repeated the claim made by Donald Trump – that COVID-19 cases only appear to be bad because more testing reveals more cases. He then goes onto question whether there is a pandemic, if it is even dangerous at all, and concludes by saying we’ve committed economic suicide. But not before he tears Victorian Labor Premier, Daniel Andrews, to shreds over his handling of “not-a-pandemic”.

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Unions Pressure McDonalds


You don’t need to keep up with the news to know that a vast number of major retail and fast food franchises are bending or outright breaking the rules when it comes to the treatment and payment of their employees. An endless string of abuses across Australia pop up in the media all the time, and while calling these businesses out for it pressures them to make reparations, there is a solution that would ensure these types of abuses do not happen and keep them acting fairly – unions.

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Working On Christmas?


Recently the outrage debate in the media, surprisingly pushed by the retail union, has been whether or not stores should be allowed to have people working on Christmas Day. Woolworths was told they were not allowed to roster staff on Christmas Day for packing shelves, and some want the same ban to apply for Boxing Day, saying everyone deserves to have the days off to celebrate. But what about those who don’t care?

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I Boycotted Amazon; You Should Too


Amazon recently became the second company in the world (following Apple) to reach the $1 trillion mark. This is, of course, USD; the conversion to AUD is a frighteningly high number. Suffice to say they have done quite well for themselves. But if Amazon’s worth has peaked $1 trillion, and Bezos alone is worth over $160 billion, why are so many of the company’s workers living in poverty?

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