Disaster Survivors Speak Up


Over the last few weeks we have had a number of environmental catastrophes, from countless fish dying, to floods in Townsville, to bushfires in Tasmania. Scott Morrison went on a trip to Townsville that brought ire for his lack of response. He was asked about the role of climate change in the increased number of extreme weather events around the world and, on a foray that was simply for public image leading into the election, said he didn’t want to bring politics into the issue. He no longer has the choice – the people are bringing it to him.

Morrison was the man who brought coal into Parliament House to use as a prop during a speech. With him and the Coalition in power, any conversation about climate change and the transition to renewable power sources is equivalent to crashing into a brick wall. Both major parties received money from banks invested in the fossil fuel industry, and both (Labor to a lesser extent) received money directly from them, including Adani who is still struggling to get their mine underway. Labor has refused to count out allowing Adani to destroy our environment, including the Great Barrier Reef, which is already facing probable extinction.

For too long have our leaders willingly driven us away from our international obligations and the will of the people. In no estimates do we reach our goals to reduce our pollution impact, and the Coalition (opting for Parliament to only sit a week or so before the election) are hiding to avoid talking about it. So many people still try to deny the existence of climate change, with some bizarre accusations that it was a hoax started by Al Gore and Obama to make money off of everyone with taxes. Maybe they publically spoke out in support of environmental activism, but the Democrats aren’t as ‘green’ as they’d like us to think. No, the big money is being made in climate change denial, with profits soaring in the fossil fuel industry. A great return on the millions they’ve invested in pushing the denialism narrative since 1954.

For 65 years our world has been irreparably damaged by people who knew exactly what they were doing, and for 65 years they have led a brutal campaign to cover up that fact. It is scary to see so many people opposing not just clear science, but discoveries made by these industries over half a century ago. I had someone try call me out for ‘linking yet another article’ (the one above) and being naïve for ‘not following the money to Al Gore and Obama’. The money goes the other way, and if you cannot see that then your wilful ignorance is killing our planet and our futures and it is fucking enraging (yes, the emphasis is required – this needs to be made crystal clear).

HERE is a link to sign a petition set up by Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action to call on Scott Morrison to speak with them in Canberra, to ensure he cannot avoid this forever. Personally, I don’t think he deserves another chance – his party is gone.

We have an election in May, and if your vote is made based on any issue other than climate change, then reconsider your priorities. You can’t worship your god, abuse the human rights of refugees, or debate ideology when you’re literally drowning in your passivity.


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