Policy over Personality


With the election called for May 18th, as if the last few months haven’t already been tedious enough, we are entering the ‘official’ campaigning period. Sadly, what this tends to imply is the parties with worthwhile ideas are viciously shot down by those with corrupt and self-serving motives. And somehow, way too much of our population soaks that garbage up.

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Budgets and Promises – Don’t Buy It


The Coalition really missed a chance to release their budget announcement yesterday. It would have been the perfect occasion to reveal just how much of a joke it will be, and perfectly describes the people who over and over buy the same garbage every election cycle – fools.

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Earth Hour? We Need Action, Not Fleeting Goodwill


For an hour each year, to raise awareness about the need for climate action, cities and landmarks around the world opt to go dark, turning off all the lights. While it can be seen as a global act of brief solidarity, the time for raising awareness seems well behind us. This is not a long-term battle; our time to change is limited.

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ABC Predicts Coalition Win for NSW Election


Despite all the corruption and scandals that the NSW Coalition parties have been caught out in, ABC’s top election analyst Antony Green has predicted a Coalition win for NSW, leaving Gladys Berejiklian and John Barilaro as Premier and Deputy Premier. No one is calling it straight, however, with everyone being cautious about the numbers. Coalition is now the confirmed winner.

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NSW Election – The Media is Screwing You


Tomorrow, New South Wales has their state election, a battle that is tragically a 50/50 split between the Liberals/Nationals and Labor. I am not a huge fan of Labor entirely, having criticised them at times for their fumbling with Adani, their relative quiet over the asylum seeker debate, and other bits and pieces when they come up. But despite my personal purist stance, which I won’t bother denying, realistically one cannot compare Labor and the Coalition parties and say “they are as bad as each other” honestly. The difference is night and day, and while I maintain my criticisms of Labor are legitimate, can the state of NSW and the country afford another term of Coalition governance?

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NSW State Election: LNP and Nationals’ Corruption Too Great to Ignore


People in NSW will be heading out to vote on the 23rd of March in the State election, about two months before the scheduled Federal election. Just like their Federal counterparts, the NSW Liberal and National government has been a corrupt disaster from the start, with Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian having spiralled the state – and Sydney as Australia’s most ‘international city’ – downwards.

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Some Things Just Aren’t Political, Like Abortion


There are issues that we face, whether as individuals or as a society, that have common sense solutions. The refugees requiring medical care (i.e. all of them) should have been brought here five years ago. Same sex marriage could have been passed in a day with a vote in Parliament. Climate change is one of two existential threats we as a species face that requires immediate action to combat. All of these things, however, are politicised almost beyond recognition, both by the divisive media and bought out politicians. The hot topic at the moment? Abortion.

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Irony Does Not Compute


Some of you would know from an older piece that my Federal MP is everyone’s favourite “leftie masher” (a popular nickname after he spent a weekend arguing with a meme page on Facebook), Andrew Laming (LNP). His main roles appear to be trash talking Queensland Labor and being a useful distraction, with such incidents as his attack on teachers. He recently posted/tweeted this on social media:

“Each Election, I deal with a @QLDLabor scare campaign tailored specifically for low-IQ voters. What will it be this year?”

Clueless pot, meet kettle.

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How to Make Refugees


If the conditions within a country are so terrible as to force their civilian population to flee and seek refuge elsewhere, then we should be doing everything that we can to alleviate their suffering, and everything we can to deescalate whatever tensions sparked such conditions. One country in particular, where the conditions are incredibly abhorrent, receives relatively little coverage – Yemen. But instead of a humanitarian approach to such a devastating situation, the “West” has been directly and indirectly responsible for the suffering of millions since 2015. Australia, usually a bystander unless in coalition with US interests, is now about to actively participate in this suffering.

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Boards, Chairs, and Revolving Doors – It’s Like a Corporate IKEA


NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn and Chairman Ken Henry have both announced they have officially resigned from the company following the release of the Royal Commission report into the finance sector. Hayne’s final report, while it didn’t offer as much as some would have wanted, was a scathing review of the banking industry’s misconduct. But can resignation, undoubtedly accompanied by severance packages in the millions, with a plethora of opportunities for future endeavours, really be considered punishment? Apparently, yes.

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