2 Birds with More Buses


Massive infrastructure projects have been announced for South East Queensland to reduce congestion to and from Brisbane and surrounding regions. While improving upon the current infrastructure is a vital solution in the long term with a growing population and urban expansion, there is a much simpler, and much cheaper, solution for the short term problem of congestion: public transport.

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Australia Ranks High But Should Be Doing Better


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released the 2018 Democracy Index about a week ago, and Australia ranked 9/167 – an impressive feat. This week also saw the release of Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) 2019 World Report, covering all the events of 2018. While praising our human rights record, as the EIU ranking would suggest, there is much left to be desired that would greatly boost our image on the global stage.

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Gladys Won’t Listen


Another person has died at a festival due to an unknown substance in a pill taken in attendance. Another death that could have been prevented with measures like pill testing or a similar program that would treat drug use as a health concern rather than a criminal issue. But, blind to the evidence before them, the NSW State Government refuses to act.

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No End to LNP Disorder


For a party that slammed Labor for knifing Rudd (and then the subsequent knifing of Gillard) and promoted their own ‘stability’, it’s actually difficult to see how the LNP managed to create that image. While the Labor Party have had 3 leaders with two spills (Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Shorten) since 2007, the LNP have gone through 5 leaders and four spills in the same time period (Howard-Nelson-Turnbull-Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison). While it is unlikely they would risk yet another spill, tensions are high in the Liberal Party.

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The Stage Is Set – Knock the Coalition Out


In a landslide victory, the incumbent Labor government not only retained their position in the Victorian State election, they essentially wiped out any real LNP opposition. Despite a lacklustre fear campaign and vague policy promises, the Coalition parties have been suffering greatly. This trend started with the loss of Wentworth, and now a stunning defeat in a State election. We cannot become complacent – this shift must continue and move further forward.

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