Morrison the Virtue Signaller


Scott Morrison, that (big L) Liberal, has had enough of the racist accusations being made towards Gladys Liu. What is he, some leftie cuck from the snowflake generation that gets offended when the loyalties of someone deeply connected with the Chinese Communist Party are questioned? What’s wrong with the CCP? Don’t all of these Aussies know we’re only supposed to hate innocent black families now?

(The above is all tongue in cheek, of course.)

As I’ve written before at various times, the idea of ‘loyalty’ to a State or country is alien to me. That, however, will not stop me from calling out the hypocrisies of those who demand this loyalty while picking and choosing the rules they themselves follow. I also take great joy in condemning the party of thinly veiled racism of playing the race card in a pathetic attempt to change the conversation (another thing to often accuse ‘lefties’ of doing).

In the system we have, we elect people to Parliament to represent us. When those people – regardless of their race, religion, place of birth, etc. – are found to have a strong conflict of interest while carrying out that duty, they need to be scrutinised. Gladys Liu is one such person. It’s not the fact that she was born in China that people are watching her, it’s her ties with organisations linked with the CCP

It really wasn’t too long ago that the Coalition was dragging the Labor Party through the mud over ‘Shanghai Sam’ [Dastyari], a nickname Morrison himself used, despite trying to deny that fact. That was a fair accusation to make (even if the way the major parties go about this sort of thing is overly theatrical and egotistical). Dastyari’s positions were under the influence of those he was in contact with from China. The Coalition obliterated him for it, and the man resigned.

Now, someone who has (under pressure) admitted to holding high positions in what is considered part of the CCP’s propaganda/influence arm is an MP in the Liberal Party. If you question this, you are a racist. If someone, who is not only influenced by China but was actually a part of their authoritarian regime, happens to now be an MP, what’s it to you? You are pushing a smear campaign against every Australian of Chinese descent.

All according to Scott Morrison.

Surely this must be an eye-opener for some people? All of those people worried about Chinese influence and ownership who voted for the Coalition must now be realising that, rather than ‘combatting’ the ‘Communists’, the Prime Minister appears to have no issue defending a party member whose allegiances are questionable. It’s curious how the Greens, probably one of China’s biggest opponents politically in Australia, are always criticised (purely for propaganda purposes) as being fans of the CCP, but the party that is selling us out can do no wrong.

But it must be bad now – the country is actually agreeing with Andrew Bolt. Bolt had no nice words to say about Morrison’s defence of Liu and – in a brief change of heart, apparently – rejected the idea of race playing a part in the controversy. With Sky News taking such a stance, one has to start wondering whether Morrison has stepped too far out of line; could we see another PM by year’s end? Unlikely, I imagine, but his handlers will probably have a lot of work to do to set this right again.

Contrary to what many might like to believe, the actual ‘left’ (if that’s the terminology you wish to use) are not in any way looking to China as a role model. In fact, it is the Greens and other ‘left’ groups that I have seen most strongly back Hong Kong against Chinese advances.

Even if it wasn’t the CCP, if Liu had any ties with any other country’s government or international propaganda arm, the same accusations and questions would be put forward. From a government that requires complete loyalty from the Public Service, to the point those people cannot privately criticise government policy, it’s telling how an actual member of the party can so blatantly hold competing loyalties and be defended.


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