A Brief Note on the Claim of “Godlessness” After US Shootings

I am sure most people have seen the new regarding the school shooting in Nashville a few days ago. As usual, the calls for action on gun control have been met with fierce resistance and repeated cries to not “politicise” the, very preventable, death of children. That silence is itself a policy choice, but that’s not what sparked fury in the aftermath for me. I stumbled across a sick accusation – that these deaths, preventable mass shootings, this time (again) involving children – that it was “removing God” that causes these events, that they are “under God’s wrath”. Let me just put this bluntly.

If these events are the wrath of your god, your god is a monster.

If your god is capable of preventing it, yet allows these events to occur, your god is a monster.

If your god is incapable of preventing it, then your god is not worth the name.

The disingenuous “thoughts and prayers” mantra is damning enough. But if you are going to blame the ills of the world on your perceived slight of your god, you are a deluded, disgusting wretch.

And you deserve the monster you created.

But humanity doesn’t.

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