Who Cares About Trump’s Taxes?


The answer to that question appears to be just the media and a bunch of Americans tutting over financial records that Trump won’t release. Also, something about Russia destroying their shit democracy and a rich white guy’s own financial and political interests are under threat, so that word impeach actually means something now. But who actually cares?

Who cares about those things when he and his administration have done much worse:

  • The man has boasted about sexual assault
  • Put Kavanaugh, another man accused of sexual assault, on the Supreme Court
  • Nepotism, bringing family member into positions of power
  • His family has business interests in illegal settlements in the West Bank, increasing the bipartisan support for Israel’s human rights and International Law abuses
  • Recognised, against International Law, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Golan Heights as a part of Israel
  • Dragged the US out of the Iran deal
  • Dragged the US out of the INF Treaty with Russia
  • Attempting to drag the US out of the Open Skies agreement
  • Shown contempt for victims of mass shootings
  • Moved forces in Syria to allow Turkey to begin what some fear may turn into genocide against the Kurds – many are already dead and displaced within days (Trump has expressed ‘unhappiness’ and said maybe there could be a deal or economic penalties – maybe don’t betray the one group in Syria that actually deserves any sympathies, and get that Trump Tower checked out
  • Left Puerto Rico struggling under vulture capitalism and blaming the whole region for the corruption of the government and agencies that were supposed to aid them
  • Congratulated the Honduran dictator (installed by Obama’s Administration) for his ‘re-election’ in 2017
  • Stirs up endless rhetoric against every minority in existence, sparking a notable increase in hate crimes
  • Claimed that the refugee caravans making their way to the US border had terrorists embedded in them
  • Enforcing and bolstering ‘borders’ that previous Administrations made in Central American countries to try stem the flow of refugees
  • Wasting billions of dollars on a border wall, now a ‘smart wall’ with the Democrats on board, that will not work as intended
  • Locking up refugees and immigrants and circling them through a humiliating, underfunded, and corrupt court system
  • Separating children from their parents against International Law (the US has not actually ratified any treaties regarding the Rights of the Child)
  • Caught out having undocumented or “illegal” immigrants working at his own venues
  • Increased sanctions against Venezuela, sanctions that have resulted in the deaths of at least 40,000 people
  • Attempted a coup against Maduro by recognising (along with much of the world) Juan Guaidó as the leader of Venezuela
  • Has put through charges against Julian Assange for aiding Chelsea Manning in carrying out one of the largest and most important leaks in history
  • That is after turning against the ‘great WikiLeaks’ in 2017 after the Vault 7 leaks
  • Also comes after massive economic pressure and bailouts thrown at the Ecuadorian government, which preceded Assange’s arrest
  • Taken actions to tear back rights and protections for LGBT+ people
  • Maintained friendly relations with Saudi Arabia, something even the Democrats have realised cannot be sustainable for their image, including more arms deals
  • Designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organisation
  • Sent troops into Saudi Arabia to protect the oil interests of that regime – the US is swiftly dropping its reliance on Saudi Arabia’s resources
  • Which obviously then brings up the environmental disasters, including the drawback on animal and environmental protections
  • Opening up pristine wilderness and protected areas for drilling
  • Praising Jair Bolsonaro
  • Praising Rodrigo Duterte
  • Despite the supposedly personal ties, escalations between the US and Russia and North Korea have been slowly building over time
  • Trade war with China has had negative effects on the US economy
  • While Trump simultaneously claims that Jinping will do the “right thing” regarding Hong Kong
  • Prolonging the war in Syria by claiming to pull troops out right before a convenient and questionable attack by some enemy and then backtracking, for two years in a row
  • Racist, sexist, and other derogatory remarks made towards leaders and people both in the US and globally
  • His constant rampage and violent rhetoric towards the media, which is (despite the failings of the mainstream media) a dangerous attack on free speech and a free press
  • Tearing down what he can of Obama’s shit but at least existing healthcare initiatives
  • Made the sister of a man who runs the US’ largest private army Secretary of Education and watched education crumble more than it already had been
  • Bringing Colombia into NATO as a partner and suggesting the Brazil could become a full member of the Cold War era group
  • Obscene tax cuts for people who pay less tax than most other tax brackets in the US
  • Actions against abortion and sexual health groups like Planned Parenthood
  • Threatened to veto a UN resolution about rape in war unless reproductive health references were taken out
  • Claimed to have defeated IS while the group still maintains small but significant numbers, and has carried out so many idiotic manoeuvres that the group may have a chance to regroup again
  • Blocked members of the International Criminal Court from entering the US because they were investigating US war crimes in Afghanistan
  • Has increased the level of voter suppression in the US

This, realistically, is only a short list that I only cap here because I have other things to get to. Point is, we don’t need to know his tax returns or other hidden financial records – we know full well the man is corrupt. We know the man is corrupt, vile, occasionally just mad, ignorant, uncouth, etc. etc.

Yes, I understand that investigations into certain things do need to take place, and I am not trying to belittle or ignore them. However, what I think it is important that everyone does is to consider them relative to everything else, the myriad of other, equally if not more so abhorrent things he has gotten away with.

He could – and should – have been impeached on day one, and numerous times since then. The fucker should be rotting in jail for the suffering he has caused, not simply being impeached. But who knows, maybe some loveable, neoliberal Democrat in the future will forgive him for the sake of moving forward, just like Obama did with the Bush Administration.


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